FAQ – How To Post Your Video


What is TownsRated.com all about?
The idea is it’s like your friend telling you what you need to know about what it would be like if you moved to their town.
Please begin your video with “I hereby give permission for TownsRated.com to use my video, in whole or in part, in any way they see fit.”
How can I add a video review of my town?
Use the contact form below or any comment form and if it’s an inquiry, we won’t publish it, but instead provide more info on how to post your video.
How can I add text reviews?
Use the comment form on the state or city page you want the comment to appear on or use the Contact Us form below.
What information of mine is shown to the public in a text or video review?
In a text review, only your review of the town and your name as you chose to enter it.
In a video review, your video is shown plus your first name.
How does TownsRated.com make money?
We don’t make a profit because we’re not selling anything and have no ads.

Would you like to post what it's like to live in your town? Please write a review here or contact us to post a video or with any other questions. Your email will not be published, only your town comments. Your email on this form is just so we can write you back. Thanks!