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  • Mobile

    Mobile offers a lot of things for a lot of people and I think the thing that makes it unique is that
    we have the waterway available to us. A lot of community stay but we have heard the beaches and them the lakes and the rivers that are here mobile. Lots of the uniqueness of mobile has to do with the location. We are located right at the tip in Alabama so we’re really surrounded for the most part by water. 5how we can get to water anywhere. Living on Doc Rivers absolutely a dream come true. You get up in the morning and you have the wildlife in the medium the river and it’s like a constant vacation it’s always relaxing. You’re having a bad day just it on the back porch to walk out to the beer and instant relaxation.

    Our mobile has for the hometown feel but it is a larger cities so we have lots of things available for you. As far as I am saying that your family might want to take an advantage mobiles kinda like the medium size town with a small town feel really just the uniqueness of our community. In that there’s so many things that are convenient for seeing a spin and happy life an automobile. There are a lot of different age groups here. a lot of different professional backgrounds, there’s always something to do something for the families, for the unprofessional, something for older people; there’s always something going on and then there’s a lot of advance that want compass all different age groups. All I can tell you that mobile is a great place to live and work. I was born and raised here and I have met my husband here in race matter two kids here also. We’re very fortunate to have rice 3 great kids here on in mobile. I want to be near my family and I think my build a great city to raise a family. So I would like to eventually raise my family here. There are great schools. our children attended UMS- Wright school and just got a great education we come have won that one of copper into college but to this day right here in mobility University South Alabama. for those who are into history are love living in a historical part of town, our Downtown and Midtown areas have a lot to offer and historical homes whether it’s a bungalow 2 bedroom 1 bath are a no grand majestic mansion, you know 45,000 square the I’m we have it all. I mean if you want it it’s here in mobile. Fun fact about my mobile is Mardi Gras was originally started in the Alabama not New Oreland.


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