Watch first-person accounts of what it’s like living in Alaska, including tips, pros, cons and more.

  • Fairbanks

    Hey. Welcome. Come on in, itis cold outside. This is the cabin, the two bedroom cabin. Come on in and have a look. This is the master bedroom where I hang out and sleep and as you can see there’s plenty room for 1 to 2 people in here. Lots of storage space up there. The place is so well insulated and it gets so cold outside that we get like jack frost. That’s cool we got under control. Come on in the living room. Alright, this is our spacious living room. You can see we’ve got seats for two people. Here’s the master’s chair, the father of the house gets to sit here as long as no one else wants to sit here. It’s a where I like to chill out and after a hard day’s work watch a little Gilmore Girls. Alright let’s check out the kitchen.

    You can see this is our dining room/editing suite. It’s where the magic happens. Over here we’ve got a refrigerator, so it’s packed full of delicious healthy food. This is the dry cabin. It
    It means we have no plumbing. I’m sure plumbing right here. We got about 12 inches of plumbing. I think even I could handle the plumbing on that. Here in Alaska, it’s hard to get water out of the ground, it’s so cold with permafrost. Know that we have a lot of these cabins that just don’t have any water and that’s what we’re doing here.

    So this is our kitchen sink and a gotta go out to get water and bring it back. And down here is where all the water goes, what we call a grey water, So we gotta dump it. Like we gotta dump it now. Why don’t you follow me outside. This is how you do it. Try not to hit a moose. Get back in, its cold outside. Obviously, we have no dishwasher. Couple different ways you can handle that. Some people like to heat it on a stove. My personal preference is to heat the water in the coffee maker. It’s so then you turn it on and forget about it’s in there and warm, you don’t worry about boiling water or anyone freakin out. Just add a little water to the base in there and that’s all I like to do the dishes in a dry cabin.

    This is how we heat the place. This is called the oil stove and runs on fuel oil. Very fuel-efficient. We don’t really know how fuel-efficient because we haven’t been here for winter yet but
    a lot of people say it’s good. You may be asking yourself “if this is where heat is, how do you heat the bedroom?” I don’t know yet. It’s been very cold. Here’s where we have our computers. Here’s where we like to hang out, surf the web. We’ve got we’ve got what they call “The interwebs” here. In fact with this little wireless thing we actually have wireless interwebs as well.

    So, your next question may be “where’s the bathroom?” Well, because this is a dry cabin, we have no indoor bathroom. We’re kicking it like its 1799 and we got an outhouse. It’s too cold for me to go out there, but you can go and check it out.

    Ok, let’s go get some water. Two and a half cents a gallon, not a bad price. Thanks so much for coming by I hope you enjoy the tour. Will talk to you later. Stay warm.

  • Ketchikan

    Ketchikan, Alaska. We are about a mile from downtown area. Obviously these are the industrial areas. Well, here you can see the plant of all. Yeah, I know, shaky camera work. I’m no expert so very shaky camera work. This is Ketchikan, big part of it, about a mile to north of the downtown area and this is an Ireland where the airport is there.

    Ok. I am talking about Alsaka. I am gonna talk about the life in Alaska, pros and cons of living in Alsaka. I have been living in Ketchikan, Alaska; south-east Alaska, for the last 10 months that’s pretty much on an island. The island has about 14 thousand people on it, my town has about seven thousand.

    One of the biggest pros of living in Alaska, are the people. They are incredible friendly, incredible nice. There is a one guy in the high schools, he is a colonial instructor and he is dominating lunch to me for every single day for the last ten months. This type of kindness has made, this transition has made the journey for me a lot easier. The teachers are amazing. The students are amazing nice. Good kids. I have been here for ten months and I have seen one fistfight. Where I am from, you can go a week while seeing a fistfight. So, you can see how friendly the people are here.

    Clean outdoor activities, clean hiking, hunting, and do whatever you want; just name it.

    Alswo the job market is good up here. Good economy. If you have skills then you will find no problem finding a job on Alaska. Also a good place to raise your family. Low crime rate so you do not need to worry about your kids get shot. Not a funny.

    A good place to raise you family. A good place for marrying people. A good place to the retired people. A good place if you are young couple starting off. Anchorage, I love Anchorage. I am a big city person.

    Things I love about Anchorage is plenty of options, plenty of movie theaters. I am a big movie fanatics so that make sense to me.

    One place you will gonna go if you ever been in Anchorage, Bear Tooth Theatrepub, a pub plus a movie theater. They show independent movies. You can drink bear and eat pizza having serve to you while you are watching the movie.

    Now of course, there are cons of living in Alaska. One of the biggest cons there are more man then woman. So if you are a single man, your game you better be strong because the competition over here is very furious. I don’t know how bars are in Anchorage but in a smaller town well say that if you are looking for a pickup bar, look elsewhere because most of the bars here are basically town bars, you going to set down, have a drink, watch the football game, chaos with your buddies. Those type of bars we have here. Cool cause that’s what I was looking for. If you are looking for pickup bar, not a good place to look for.

    For major sporting events, you will never see anything like that. You aren’t see lots of major arts coming to Alaska, may be in Anchorage but outcome is limited. Movie theaters, you will need to wait to things coming out to DVD depending on where you at. I guess I can figure out a place like catch a can, you will get to see bid movies like dark knights whenever release.

    So, there are lots of pros and lots of cons, overall the people are nice and the jobs are strong and if you have some skills then you will do in Alaska.


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