Watch first-person accounts of what it’s like living in Arizona, including tips, pros, cons and more.

  • Gilbert

    The government of Gilbert Arizona is suitable for commercial investment for a number of reasons. One of that we have fabulous demographics, it’s the perfect location. We have transportation route to support it. We have Gilbert airport as well as 2 of 2 eyes 16. The key part of our demographic is about the third of the population is under 18. 39.5% of the developed are college graduates. And again 76000 in a year again the highest state of the Arizona for the city of hundred thousand. If you create a check list for why I am going to live, raise my family and putting a business, the most important thing you will find in Gilbert, in 2001, we had 2 car dealership in Gilbert. We had no hospital in Gilbert. We had one power center in Gilbert. We had no mall in Gilbert.

    Now seven years later, from two car dealership we have six car dealership and fifteen more under construction. We got no hospital to three hospitals. We got one power center to six power centers. We got one mall and one in construction. The town of Gilbert was logical choice of west coast expansion. We looked at the way the south east valley has grown. Actually all the American county has grown, continuously grow.

    The gilbert trade area was a natural drawl for our retail customers. And with the humanities and the growth of the income level and the education level is an obvious choice of expansion of the south east valley. The old added to the retails follow roof tops as really what we look for an underserved market or growing market and that’s typically necessary for our retailers to justify a new store.

    West core in looking at Gilbert knows that we’re alternately gonna build two or three million square feet the interchange of leansfield road and loop 2002. so having the loop 202 completed early for us is very important retailers are always looking to make sure their customers have easy access and being super regional destination that means that we draw from 10 20 30 miles away customers living that far away need onvenience and being able to get quickly to their destination million enjoying shopping trip.

    Gilbert make great transportation commitments they’ve made great infrastructure commitments hospitals growing nearby all the amenities to create a great fabric for community Gilbert since we put in place another. Another humanity for any community is good education its grade school districts out there the addition of a community college in even for university in ASU Polytechnic just another a well-rounded community. Two-story we’ve been able to tell to our retailers as recruited them and it’s something they get excited about along the airport the hospital all those pieces that are important to a well-rounded commune. In choosing a place for a hospital team be successful you wanna look at your community demographics wanna make sure that there’s enough people living that could support the hospital but you also want a community that’s welcoming and wants to have a hospital nearby and we found both those things when you’re exploring this land a potential site for hospital. The support that we’ve received from the town of Gilbert I mean they have gone out of their way to be very commentating to help us to build this hospital fast we build it and getting the approval slalom various permits through in a timely manner. But there’s ever been an issue or concern be able to go to the town very responsive because I think it’s a mutual respect that we have as we need the town as much as the town and needs a hospital so it’s been a great relationship.

    I think one of the advantages to having a new business in in governors on a is also having your vision what’s to come not only I’m in the healthcare field but you look around us we have other industry moving in so this small what used to be a farming community is now turning into a very high tech, high-touch community for families to grow and prosper in the future. It’s a great place for people that are visionary they can see it’s going to be here five years today. Gilbert is a fast-growing community. Fact that one of the fastest growing communities in the country the velocity growth will drive a commercial space needs that’s what carlson real estate company is all about. We provide business solutions business pays for the business community and the velocity the growth occurring in Gilbert that will help us meet one of our primary objective determining locations for us to develop business parks proximity to a educated workforce is certainly important ample housing both from an affordable standpoint and executive housing is very important and finally having a good amenity base that our tenants can utilize and in a convenient basis is important I come back to the growth.

    Gilbert arm that a growth occurring is is allowing us to meet those criteria on a faster basis that all a lot of other lot of other areas carlson real estate company has conducted business in the town of Gilbert since the early nineteen nineties and I’m personally been fall worth almost to that I would say through that time they’ve maintained a small town but business-friendly attitude we consider gilbert et forward thinking community its community where people want to live and to work they focus on family, education and yet they maintain a business-friendly environment other attributes that are important to us rafter group that will only enhance the value investments that we make in the community.

    We’re very interested in it and Gilbert because if its potential for growth that’s already one of the fastest rise growing cities and states Arizona and we think that that that will continue over the next time number decades we acquired about 250 acres near the intersection of gilbert road and the 202 we we look for that property the a growth vehicle from for many years many years to come. We wanted developing a community that is looking for progressive development that wants to and take development for the next level that’s all we do on in the communities that we develop and a works cited the break a cutting-edge mixed-use development coming over our experience with the county building has been fantastic so far they’ve really embraced and some of the ideas that we brought to the table in the early stages we still more to go we’re still in the planning stages but they’ve been very open I expect that they will continue to be very progressive in the view with the project and we’re gonna build I think great public-private partnership in the town of Gilbert.

  • Mesa

    I am shooting a little video traveling on that Main Street and Mesa Arizona. Hi, it’s late February 2013. I thought to give you a view of Main Street traveling east to the west here. It’s been a very enjoyable opportunity here the Arizona Natural History Museum. Its a few block of the right of the mcdonnell, so you can see the sign of mcdonnell, you know you were there. Let’s go to the intersection here. At launch time here, lots of shop. Weather is just absolutely gorgeous here. I am very very fortunate little al fresco dining there is the kind of piece. Marathon coming up soon they give advantage of, oh here’s McDonald. If you would turn right here at this intersection you can go to the museum for several hours. Also there here’s some free parking and Jason lots that was very enjoyable.

    During the summer, all this shade underneath the porticos Keira certainly helps out very pleasant I heat of the Sun a little bit right now. So you can see the mainstreet here. Appear in right now slow down so this truck gets around here. Green umbrellas on right, that’s urban picnic, very nice sandwich. Much enjoy things travel here on mainstream Mesa Arizona and thanks for watching. Lots of construction up ahead so I gotta pay attention. Let’s switch to the inner section. And that’s it. Through the end of March here we’re gonna have a lot of road construction. See you. Drive safe. Thanks for watching.

  • Phoenix

    The capital of Arizona fifth largest city in the United States the downtown area has until recently remains dormant. The ASU downtown Phoenix campus and development like cityscape have caused an increase in visitors to the community.many are looking for things to do. Starbucks is the downtown stable with good reason there are also other chains like Dutch brothers and local coffee shop like Fairtrade cafe with appealing atmospheres, great for conversation and enjoying local artists. There are many interesting shops, boutiques and antique stores downtown and now cityscrape is bringing many more retailers making it excellent place to shop. A temporary icespace is under construction in the cityscrape. So the area is a wonderful destination in winter.

    The phoenix suns and Arizona Diamondbacks reside in the heart of the city. The community is electrified as the restaurant fill up with fans decked out in orange and purple or in black in Sedona Red. Downtown Phoenix is home to museums and cultural things that are fascinating and fun. The Phoenix Art Museum post the classic and contemporary the Heard Museum has paid if American arts and culture exhibit. The Arizona Science Center has incredible hands-on exhibits that are fun for visitors young and old. Downtown is also home to the recently renovated Herberger Theater and Symphony Hall. whether your style is burgers fast-food for fine dining, whether you’re style is hungers, fast food or fine dining, whether you’re businesswoman on the lunch break or starving student in the middle of the night, there’s a restaurant for you in downtown Phoenix. Carly’s in Verde have delicious fare relatively cheap. Matt big breakfast is an incredibly small breakfast diner that has been spotlighted on the Food Network. you can buy your own groceries get fancy cocktails, buy organic or locally grown or spiders and hotdogs, downtown Phoenix is a delicious place to be so go out and explore you may find your favorite studying café, the perfect pair of jeans be spotted on the kiss cam/ learn about a different culture or the natural world or fall in love with your new favorite dish. Discover downtown Phoenix.

  • Scottsdale

    I’m Helen Write, and this is my first ever travel video/vlog whatever you want to call it.
    Now, I’m new to YouTube so if you do like this video, please click like below! And if you really like it you can also subscribe to my channel there.
    Now, I wanted to start making these videos and it was really hard to pick a place to start, so I wanted to think back to places I visited before and pick one that always stands out as being a really special place for me, and that place is Arizona!
    Now, I came out here about three years ago on a job for National Geographic Traveller, and I ended up staying for two months because I loved it so much, and the place that I was based when I was there was Scottsdale Arizona! So I thought, “where better to do a video than in the place that I really love”, so welcome to Scottsdale!

    Now, I was living on a ranch at the Arizona Cowboy College, which was awesome! I got to ride horses and I was just there for two weeks but ended up getting a stoning away for working so hard. It was a lot different to my life sitting in London at a desk but there was so much more to do in Arizona other than just cowboys and desert.
    In fast it’s really an amazing place to go hiking. You can go mountain biking; there’s lots of activities to do, as well as the outdoor activities you can do; you can go shopping… It has one of the biggest malls in North America, if not maybe the biggest mall!

    There’s lots of buzz, there’s a really good restaurant scene and it’s just a really cool place to go! Plus if you are looking for the weather then you can’t really go wrong here because it’s pretty much hot all the time!

    Anyone who knows me knows that I love horses and that’s why I love Arizona! Because there’s just miles and miles of snow and desert which makes it the perfect place to ride. Um… with the big western saddles, cowboy hat on, there’s nothing I like more as far as I’m concerned!

    Just setting out for my trail ride with Fort McDowell Adventures on my horse Twister! There he is! And, we going to go for a trek across the snow and desert; luckily there is a little bit of cloud cover so it’s not too hot.

    Ace Bailey: The weather is fabulous! And that’s why most people do come here. Besides all the things that there are to do and when you’re in downtown Scottsdale there’s quite a lot of things to do, there’s also, like most people know, magnificent golf and spas, shopping and amazing restaurants. That’s why a lot of people come here.

    Helen Write: I’m in fashion, by Robert Black and this is Robert himself. By the way, this is one of the most beautiful vintage shops I have ever been in! And I was really surprised to find this in old town Scottsdale.
    Is vintage a big thing here?
    Robert Black: It’s really not, we are actually the only one in downtown Scottsdale and you know we’re right in the middle of the arts distract because we believe that fashion is art. So, that’s why can put the store here.
    Helen Write: And what kind of clients do you have in, like, older ladies, young people, or a mix?
    Robert Black: It’s a mix. We have young girls going to the prom and they want something different and special and not look like every other girl there. And we have… I just had a lady walk out the door with two beautiful dresses from the 60’s and 70’s for a trip. She’s going to Hawaii and she’s, you know, in her 50-60’s so it’s a wide range of age. Our clients really like good fashion.

    Helen Write: And do you get a lot of tourists that come in and are surprised to find a shop like this in Scottsdale?

    Robert Black: They are! They are! Because we’re used to the South Western, we’re used to the cactus, the cochinas and all that, that we have around us, and so we are quite unique here.

    Helen Write: That’s fabulous! Thank you so much for talking to us!
    Robert Black: You are welcome! I’m thrilled you’re here.

    Helen Write: I’m loving it! I want to buy everything!

    Robert Black: Well, start trying on! That’s the fun part!

    Helen Write: Yeah!
    One of the best things about Scottsdale is the food. Last year it was actually voted the second most foodie city in the U.S. by and there are over 600 restaurants to choose from. So, no matter what you fancy eating, you’re guaranteed to find something that you want.
    My favourite restaurant in Scottsdale is ‘FnB’ ( – the reason is, it’s very small, very welcoming; the staff and owners are really lovely; they’ll come out and explain the menu to you and they’re really, really proud of what they’re serving, and they should be!
    They put big emphasis on locally grown food, locally sourced wine, and you can really, really tell when you’re in there eating. Now, the thing to eat when you are at FnB, apparently, is the ‘braised leeks with the fried egg on top’, and that was delicious, but actually, my favourite menu item was the ‘kayo falafel’. So, if you’re going to be eating at FnB those are my two foods picks for you.
    While I’m talking about the food in Scottsdale I do have to tell you about one last place that you should go for lunch or at least for a snack and that is the “Four Seasons Resort” in true North ( Scottsdale)
    Now, this resort is one of my favourite hotels in the world! The architecture moulds in with the landscape; it’s extremely relaxing. But there’s something that you can get at Four Seasons that you can’t get anywhere else: it’s their amazing pretzel bread rolls!
    I don’t even want to know how many calories are in them! [Laughs] But they come with this delicious chilli butter served in them. You just want them to bring basket after basket! So, try not to eat too many but if you do go there please comment below and tell me what you thought because really they were a highlight for me.
    Talk about putting Scottsdale on the map! When Beyonce and Jay Z got married they actually hiked up Camelback Mountain on their honeymoon! So if you’re planning on doing any activities surrounding Camelback, the Four Seasons is a really, really good base to do that from.
    Now, on this occasion I actually stayed in downtown Scottsdale at a place called “The Hotel Valley Ho”. Now, this hotel just oozes cool. ( Attracted lots of stars from the silver screen from Hollywood, right into the desert to kind of escape the paparazzi, and it’s kind of a tourist attraction in itself .
    Ace Bailey: Downtown Scottsdale has this very intimate feeling to it: it’s a small downtown, we have a lot of rich history here that I get a kick out of sharing with people, and then staying at this hotel “The Hotel Valley Ho” is just icing on the cake because it was built in 1956 when Scottsdale was still a very, very small town and it really does reflect that mid-century hip, cool vibe.
    Helen Write: And that still carries on today, isn’t it? When you walk around you feel like you’re in somewhere cool. You feel cool when you’re here!
    Ace Bailey: Exactly, Absolutely!
    If you want to stay somewhere where you can go out and do stuff this is the hotel where you want to be!
    Helen Write: It’s my last night out in Scottsdale! And I’m so sad because I really love it here! People ask me all the time “where’s your favourite place that you’ve been?” and this place always comes back to mind and the reason is people are lovely, the food is amazing, it’s got great nightlife, it’s small so you can do it all in one go and it’s hot all the time (almost too hot) but I’m already planning my next trip back.
    So, yeah, Scottsdale Arizona you get big thumbs up passport stamps from me!

  • Tucson

    I just want to show everybody what the city life of Tucson is. I normally show you dessert and the open spaces but lots of people you know do not realized that the city of Tocson and its like any other city around. So guess so I will let you see what I am seeing as I am driving around the town here. Do you think you will see a lot of auto glass places because of the pabbles and the stones, break lots of windows, lots of nicson things. So lots of those.

    That over there is the VA hospital. The highway, one major highway that coming through Tucson. By ten goes up to phoenix and the next goes to I guess to new maxico, taxes what ever. It’s a nice view of carolina mountains there.

    And here we going to the cross streets, you gonna see a lots of little dumpy kind of houses. And these areas, there are lots of poor communities, I mean really tiny homes and small areas. I mean people do not keep them up really. And up ahead north toward the mountain you will find lots of nice communities, nicer homes and nicer communities.

    Lots of places in the streets they have art works like that like a big lezards, all kind of art works. And also setup as a grid, north to south you have made major roads heading towards the carolina mountains. East-west, you have the cross roads going to that direction. So where is the north you can simply looking at these mountains. Also lots of colleges are here, community college and other colleges. There is a big field here. So there is a big college here middle of the town here and couple of campuses all around the town right the middle of the town.

    Now I am on the broadways, major road going to the west, I mean east. As you can see a whole lots of store here. Also gonna see lots of pay day loans. Basically I guess all they are legal to pay that way or people can’t afford a bank account, something. But you will gonna see lots of loan places where you can get your check cashed.

    As you can see there are lots of greenery in the town and keep in mind that the town is huge. It goes from one mountain to the other mountain. It takes about 40 minutes to go from one side to other. There are a lots of fast food places as well big buildings. This during a day so during weekdays there are lots of traffic. Here Jerry Bobs, a place for a good breakfast because lots of them around the town.

    Another thing you will see the construction all over the place. They are constantly updating everything. Infect the i10 the major highway going through Tucson, there is a three year project to fix and wide the entire thing. So that’s been going on for about 2 years from now and still they are not done with it.

    Ok now we are now closer to the foothills or carilina and here you will find your better stores and better restaurants. Coming up to the border patrol.


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