Watch first-person accounts of what it’s like living in California, including tips, pros, cons and more.

  • Berkeley

    Hey guys, it’s Saturday. Today is actually one of the first days I don’t have anything planned. As such I’ve had a lot of time to think. Specifically think about why I dislike Berkeley. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things I like about this city but there are a lot of things I hate about the city.

    Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit.
    There are just a lot of inconveniences in my life here.

    Here are 10 things I hate about living here:

    1. My commute is like really freaking long, like 70 minutes!
    Before sub-leasing the place I asked the sub-lesser how long the walk from the apartment to the BARt station was. He told me 15 minutes. That was a dirty lie! It’s about a 25 minute walk from my apartment to the BART station, about a 5 minute wait for the BART to come, another 25-30 minutes on the actual train itself and then a 10 minute walk from the BART station to the office. It sucks!

    2. Getting around is really hard! Just like the last one this one is also a resolve of my poor choice in housing. Places I want to go to are either too far to walk to or when you get there by car, there’s no parking.
    After my long commute every day it’s hard to bring myself to go out and leave the apartment again if it’s such a hassle.

    3. It’s God damn expensive to live here! I’m not going to say how much, but it makes me cry. When trying to get around you realise that everyone kind of sucks at whatever they’re doing.

    4. Drivers; they suck at driving! Every time I get into my car and go around, I fear for my life. My stress levels definitely increase.

    5. This bring me to the next point; bikers! I hate driving around bikers!

    I understand that places are hard to get to and that you need to bike around but please don’t ride so close to my car, please don’t. I don’t want to hurt you, stop please!

    6. On the same vein. Pedestrians suck too! I swear people here are fearless; they walk in front of my car when I’m going 30 miles per hour. Do you want to die?
    They just don’t care about crosswalks or signs or whatever at all! They just don’t.

    7. Oh yeah, public transportation sucks too! BART is so freaking crowded all the time, always. Not only are we packed in there like sardines but there’s really poor ventilation so it gets really hot!
    I distract myself from the terrible environment by reading, which by the way I’ve been doing a lot of, check me out!
    I’ve been here for three weeks now and I’ve literally sat down on the train twice! The first time was lucky the second time was thanks to the warriors pray, where there was literally 5-10% of the usual capacity in the train.

    8. I like overcast in gloomy weather, I really do, but the weather here is F**** with me. When I wake I expect it to be dark and cloudy, when it’s not I freak out because I think I’m late for work. This is what Berkeley has done to me.

    9. They make you pay for grocery bags, I understand why and I think it’s a good idea, it’s just really damn inconvenient when I forget my bad. It’s happened once and I carried everything to my car in my hands, it was hard.

    10. Last but not least; the thing I hate most about living here, it’s making me more jaded by the day. But besides that it’s great!

    Bye friends!

  • Fresno


    Hi, my name is Tom, and I live in Fresno, California. I’ve been living there for about, almost 10 years now, and I came there from about 20 years in Los Angeles, in Orange County, and I lived in San Francisco, in the Bay Area, until I was about 25, so I’ve had a little taste of various parts in the state, and frankly, Fresno and the Central Valley was always flyover country to me when I was living in Los Angeles, trying to get back in San Francisco, and it’s been a pleasant surprise moving there. I little suspected how much stuff was actually going on in Fresno, in the local area, until I finally moved there.

    I will say that having moved there from Huntington Beach, the climate was kind of a shock. Summertime is just plain hot, 95, 100, 105, 115, no problem, and it’ll stay that way for weeks at a time, so if that’s a serious problem, maybe you think to think about, but that’s just something you kind of get used to, and 10 years into it, I’m sort of getting to where I enjoy it now, and maybe I’m just a big weather wimp, who knows.

    As far as the city itself, I think of it as the little city with the big, big inferiority complex, because unfortunately, it’s a fair sized metropolitan area between Fresno and Clovis, would have kind of grown together over the years. There are about three quarters of a million people live just in that area, and there’s plenty of small places to eat, there are museums, there was a decent Symphony Orchestra, there is the Fresno Master Chorale, which I was part of for one season, and had a really good time. There’s all kinds of stuff going on, but for some reason, Fresnoans are always comparing themselves against LA, or they’re kind of pointed more toward the Bay Area, and I think they feel like they come off second best against things in the Bay Area, but that’s not to say that good things aren’t happening here.

    They have one thing in particular, I live downtown where, for some reason, a lot of middle-class people seem shy about going downtown just for fun, let alone, living there. I enjoyed it. I like the older buildings, and just, the more urban feel to it, but they have this thing called the “Art Hop”, and so twice a month they have a number of different venues… two nights a month, I think the third Thursday and the fourth Saturday, or something like that, stuff happens in downtown Fresno, and it’s alive, the streets aren’t deserted, and there’s a lot of interesting things to see.

    One particular thing I went about downtown Fresno is they have this area called the “Fulton Mall”, which in 1940’s and 50’s, was like the major shopping area, and then they restricted the Fulton Street to a pedestrian mall, sometime in like the early 60’s, and that also was the time when Fresno was sort of developing away from its urban center, so nicer and hipper malls are being built toward the north and the east, and so downtown started to slide at that point, but there’s still some great things downtown, one of which, is the Warner Theatre, which is an old wall-to-wall house, I think it was the Pantages circuit house, and it was built in like, 1928, and over the years they have restored it and… and you can see, I’ve had my kids go see “The Wizard of Oz” on the big screen, and we went to go see “Singing in The Rain”, and you’re watching “Singing In The Rain”, and there’s like a thousand people in this theater, really digging Donald O’Connor, such a completely different experience from just watching a DVD at home, when you’re in there with like a thousand people that are really enjoying this thing, and everybody gives Donald O’Connor a round of applause afterwards. It’s like this very cool communal experience.

    My kids took me to the Warnors for my birthday, which is on October, and they were doing “Night of The Living Dead” for Halloween, and that was really fun. I guess my final word on Fresno is, for me personally, the downside is the heat, the cost of living is swell, I mean, I’ve got like a two bedroom apartment downtown for 750 bucks, ain’t going to see that in San Francisco. The traffic is a piece of cake, there’s basically two freeways, the 41 and the 99, they just kind of intersect. Once in a while it gets a little jammed up around rush-hour, but not terribly bad. A lot of good places to go and have fun, you’re close to the mountains, I mean, Yosemite’s about an hour and a half away, Pismo Beach is about two and a half, maybe three hours away, and you can head out to San Francisco if you need to, in about three hours, so it’s nicely centrally located to a lot of things. Anyway, that’s my word on Fresno. Give it a shot. It’s a lot more fun than it looks.


    David Johnson and as permission, I use this video. And I’m Leo and as permission, I am publishing this video. So, I live here for about a year and I live here a long time. I live here for 24 years and I’m 5th generation Fresno. So, we been in here as our families for a long time. What do you want to know about Fresno? if you don’t already know about this, during summer time, very hot here. Like we are talking about 100. Well, Fresno is a desert. So, lots of people seemed to be forgot that though we have lots of greenery. Generally we have a lot of water, but not right now because California has a massive drop; usually have lots of water. It can get very very hot. For an example, about 105 or 110 and then it gets very cold in the winter.

    It’s freezing temperature. Yeah it does but overall it’s a pretty nice place to live. There are lots of different things to do. Actually when I moved down here with my family, there are more arts and culture then I realized. Yeah, Fresno is a heat and jam. We have some imaging qualities here, including a great art district. Fresno community is very very supportive about the arts wither this is a individual performance, offshore. Great theater community, lots of community requires to join. We have few cool things like art hub and jazz hub. So, local artists and compositions cam display their talents and people walk around in downtown fresno the entire district and display their work and local even purchase piece of art. It’s really promote the arts and culture. Also there is kind of really good places to go and eat. There are wide variety of, sort of John Rose, food to eat. Of course you have Japanese, Chinese, Italian but we also have like some Armenians places to go and eat, of course Mexican as well. There are lots of diversed place to eat. So, because of we are restated in the central valley, we have lot of immigration is coming here because the temperature is in, because of many different areas of businesses, working and travel and we have lot of people who settle here and bring their culture. We are kind of pyramid of the melting pod. Lots of different place to eat, lots of different clothes to try. We have lots of places like Chinese, Italian. We have trimaran restaurants, Armenian restaurants, germen restaurants, lots of different places. We have barbeque, pretty much everything you can imagine. We have lots of Indian places, a very large Indian community. And it’s make very interesting diverse place to live. Every day you can pretty much do tour and every day you can eat to different places. It’s very interesting cause it’s so very atelic because we have water, people living in the central valley that are connected to their home countries and they can send away for ingredient there make it as authentic as possible. And education system is great. I am a teacher and I am starting there. Our schools are really wonderful. We have couple of power house districts, including Fresno 5 which is one of the largest in the California with great teachers and we are trying to give our children the best education as possible and not only the kids but also their parents. We want to make sure that when kids go home, there have been the entire community support their learning. So, we are beg on informing everyone about not only educational; advances, academics but health applies because we can ensure a healthy communities. We beg on safety. We have a great police department and sheriff department that work really hard to keep our community safe. They have done really great jobs by tracking down gangs, of course California has a gang problem but they try to keep everyone safe. There are lots of awareness is going on, lot of public service to make sure that people in our community know what to do and where to go if any help and how to help each other. What else about Fresno? You know, you pretty much covered. So, bye.

  • Long Beach

    Long Beach
    Hello. Anybody here? I know where they are. Our first stop on retro row is the historic art theater located on the 4th street between Cherry and Junipero. Screen hard to find movie that larger theater change don’t ca. opening in 1924, it’s the oldest single screen picture house in long beach. A close net staff give the theater a friendly atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. As we move further in the retro row, we can chat with the owner of portfolio c stoffee house. Portfolio coffee house was opened in 1989. We have been here for almost 17 years. One of the oldest coffee house in long beach and what inspired me was I was born in Europe, I grew up there and I moved here and same year I opened up the portfolio. And when I moved here I couldn’t find any coffee house or any gathering places. I was missing something that I had in Europe and I thought that would be a great idea to open such a place.

    So how this is started. We have regular business people in suit in the morning and then we have lots of students coming in the afternoon. It’s not just about coffee, it’s not just about coming in and getting a product and leaving. We are offering an atmosphere, a place to be to meet friends. You can come any time and we go beyond we offer different services usually common in the chain places. So, we have free wi-fi, we don’t charge for that when other places charge for it. We have different events. We have different things to do for different people from story times, book signing, open mikes to entertain. So there is always something for everybody. We really want people hang out here and have a good time.

    Along retro row, there are a series of small shops where you can find anything vintage from furniture, clothing, bric a brac or even pets. For more adventurous, you can scroll to tattoo shop or an art exhibit or thrift store or take yoga classes on vintage studio. But when the shops close up and the sun sets, the queen marry is the place to go.

    My name is Mark Tomeno, I am with the vinda insanity with the rocky hor at the queen marry long beach. We have about 45 cast members and they are all volunteers, partly social thing, partly perform thing but they are all volunteers, making their own costume and the cast get a little money from ticket sales and that’s going to building props. How audience involved with the show? They like crazy, they like throw things, Yael thing, get up and dance even dance breaking in the middle of the show. They just can’t be sited. So we got a dance before the show and that’s lot of fun, have a good time.

    What advice you have for those who are coming here for the first time? Just be ready that thing going to be happened that normally don’t happen in your everyday normal lives. Anything can be happen. Have lots of courage. Let them know it’s the first time.

  • Los Angeles

    Long Beach
    Hello friends and its Ryan. So today I’m going to be talking about living in LA CKS living in LA or want to live in LA this is for you. so I came up with three pros and cons living in LA and I thought I could shared with you just in case you’re wondering it was in LA maybe it’s cool. So we’re gonna start with the pro. the first pro is going to be networking. there is so many things, so many jobs, will tainted crazy especially musician in LA you are centered in an one of the most musically gifted city in the entire United States of America and this is great and awesome.

    so a con of LA, this one probably raise the worst track traffic traffic, traffic. I had never did put so many situations where I want to kill myself or hold my hair out because of traffic you know. sometimes and just like you know me like have just take the wheel, being out that’ll cause traffic people like jesus take the wheel, then Jesus love the guy cause a fatal accident and everybody is backed up and I’ll be home for six hours bailey’s .so another pro slipping away LA we have Santa Monica West Hollywood, Beverly Hills Bel Air we have so many things to do here also we have bunch of recording labels. Another con would be especially for me see listings out there. Construction especially there’s just never not construction it causes traffic. I don’t think that we really need to read it every day if you read it everything at the same time for every single day here it’s not go look good. I just think that LA years to realize destruction year-round daily how the minute sleek construction is not good so my last pro would-be people the people in LA are all fantastic everyone I met the CLAS just so great and I’ve been so blesses to have all these people in my life alike my friend said it was letting me use her right now not by choice but I like force because I need some room to film so you are watching this so you are the best. So my last con will be people. I do not know if you know this but LA has some rudest people I ever meet in my life. Lots of homeless. Lots of people that just don’t take crap. I have really bad experiences public transportation one time for this homeless man a actually getting argument with the bus driver and holding a knife. Love people but at the same time I hate them.

    Los Angeles
    What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Shameless, and I am still in Los Angeles! I’ll be back soon. But until then, let’s explore some sights and sounds, shall we?

    First up is Downtown LA’s Art Walk. It happens once a month on the second Thursday of every month. And I happen to be strolling, and see this awesomeness. This is artist Robert Vargas, and he is quite amazing. ainting freehand, and he does this super fast. I’m talking 15-20 minutes.

    ROBERT: This is some of my other work. I painted it in the same manner you see here–just by sight. No grids, no projections. MAYA: And that was taking place on Spring and 6th. And then I just walked over to this awesome store called Buttons and Bowties. Also in part of the downtown Art Walk. And check this out. He is amazing.

    So I continued my Art Walk and bumped into this awesome viewer, Eddy. Check him out on Instagram.
    Eddy, we are doing the Art Walk here in Downtown LA. Still part of the Art Walk, I headed over to Flamingo Vintage. This store is super awesome and cute! So much personality. If you’re down for retro realness, check out this store. Oh, and this new store I just discovered–it’s brand spanking new, and they sell clothing that’s made in the 80s, that were stored in a warehouse, and they’re sold brand new for the first time. Which is an oxymoron. New, old. 80s, new? Anyways. I got myself a lovely patterned shirt. And then some time after that I met up with the homegirl Andrea Lewis, to film her Self Love Saturdays! Check her channel out. Oh, and you will notice I have a new ride.

    I’m staying mobile here in Los Angeles, with the good people over at Hubber. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Hubber is a rental service. And what makes this company different is people like you and if we’re LA locals, we’ll leave our car at the airport while we’re away on vacation, and someone else who needs a car will have the option of renting your car out. IMANI: Earlier we were riding in Maya’s drop top Gucci Fiat. And it’s awesome. ANDREA: Look at this thing! Look at how legit it is! MAYA: Comment below if you have your driver’s license. And if so, do you have a car? And if you do have a car, what kind of car do you guys have? So I was pimping in the Fiat. Selfie time!

    And then some time after that, I wanted to stay trim and do some hiking at the Runyon Canyon here in Hollywood. Work! With my girl Liinda. We are going to be doing the Runyon Canyon, where the onions run free! Free running onions when I hear Runyon! LIINDA: Rolling down the canyon–yellow onions, sweet onions, red onions! MAYA: Spanish onions! Onions of all kinds! And we had loads and loads of fun, and met loads and loads of fun people. heck these guys out! MARIO: I’m Mario. MAYA: Maya. So that’s one option to stay fit, and another option is to take a dance class. Debbie Reynolds is one example of an awesome dance studio. And my homegirl Liinda is a dancer. And both herself and Deuce invited me to take a class. Of course I just ended up filming. But this is a great way to stay in shape and have fun. There’s Gucci! JAMIE: Gucci? That’s a Gucci Fiat! MAYA: Where’d you get them almonds from?! JAMIE: I got it from the Gucci store, at the Gucci outlet MAYA: Why does it say Gucci? Because it’s Gucci. And as some of you saw in my previous vlog, this is my college friend Jamie. He’s an awesome actor and he’s also here in town for pilot season. And for those of you that don’t know, pilot season is the time here in Los Angeles between January and April, where they start casting actors for new shows that are coming out. So he was super busy with auditions–and me being, you know, savvy with filming and all, helped him put some auditions on tape. No they did not! You put her down! You put her down! You put Miss Gucci down, she ain’t do nothing wrong! Look at this! I caught them! I caught them thieving Gucci! What is this?! City of Los Angeles parking violation! And I have an event I’m supposed to go to, oh my goodness! I got my car just in time for this evening’s event.

    I have made some new friends, including the awesome Jeannie Mai! I can’t believe a year ago I met her at New York Fashion Week, and now I’m here in Los Angeles, helping her for the QVC red carpet. And basically what I did was hack her Instagram account, and just take over and post photos for Jeannie. Yes, that is Nick Cannon hooking Jeannie up with some style tips. And because I was working I didn’t have that much footage. So here are just some snippets of instagram photos that I took. But thank you so much, Jeannie and QVC for the opportunity! Worst behavior!

    What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building. No–all up in your car! Car courtesy of Hubber–this is the new ride! Well, it’s an old, new ride. And then I got this fancy Honda. Now this is a real person’s car. I’m headed to the YouTube space. Let’s get it–okay, this guy’s inviting me, he keeps looking in his rear-view mirror, because he’s fine as hell, boo! You’re fine, boo! Let’s get his license plate–He’s a cooper, and he’s cute! Giving me looks, and I’ma give him looks right back. Check him out.
    Okay, guys! I’m at the YouTube space. I thought I’ve never been here but I have, once. Okay, so happy hour at the YouTube space.This is a time for YouTubers to, you know, mingle and stuff. And of course, my homegirl Latoya Forever was there. And we got a tour of all the awesome facilities that are available to YouTubers. So if you have over 10,000 subscribers, definitely check out this space and the programs available to you. And then some time after that I came back to the YouTube space to film a collab video with CourtneyPants thank you Courtney and the lovelies over at SoulPancake, and all we did was play with arts and crafts! Create art with anything in arms reach. COURTNEY: Cotton candy wonder! MAYA: There’s CourtneyPants. This was my lovely creation.

    And then after that I headed over to Dale’s house. And Dale works at Maker Studios. But he also has a channel called Dishing on Movies, where they make recipes inspired by movies. And since Divergent is coming out and I read the book, I thought ‘let’s face our food fears,’ and mine was oysters. I can’t stand slimy things! So stay tuned to see me eating an oyster on their channel. And I’m just going to leave it at that. And finally, my family! This is my auntie. And she lives here in California. And now to head back to my family in New York City. So that’s it for now, if you guys liked this video, make sure you like. Make sure you subscribe, and that’s it! Remember to do you, be you and stay true. Be shameless.

  • Sacramento

    Ah, the country of California! This manifest-destination has it all! Palm trees; beaches, girls and with the year round sun it’s a never ending party of fun, fun, fun!
    Puppet 1: Hey man, just stop it alright? That’s like not cool!
    Puppet 2: What? I don’t understand!
    Puppet 1: That’s not the real California and you know it Mr. British guy. California is not just what you see in the movies you know, we do um… other stuff. Plus most people in California live in boring places you know like uh, Sacramento.
    Puppet 2: Sacra-what?
    Puppet 1: Yeah Sacramento just check out this video about it, its heck a cool

    Sacramento is the capital of the country of California. Years ago Los Angeles let Sacramento be capital in exchange for the cities of Blunden Water Resources. Now, it’s commonly held that people from Sacramento eat throw-up for dinner and don’t have running water but I assure you that despite the deal with L.A. they do have running water.
    There are 3 different ways in which the people of Sacramento live:
    1. The first is the New Suburbs where the houses haven’t burnt down yet

    2. The second is the Old Suburbs, where old people and minorities live

    3. The third is Downtown where most people rarely go

    In the new suburbs, these built to fall part houses are large enough to satisfy the new American consumer. Americans worship the clean cut grass. So, it’s not unusual to see green lawns all year long even if it’s a drought.
    These suburbs are known for their spacious park with walkways that are wider than British roads. Things are far apart here, so every resident needs a car to get to Walmart. Better make it a truck though because everybody drives a truck here.
    In the old suburbs, these puny so called houses are remnants of the old picket fence American dream which is just not good enough anymore. So, now it’s housing for grandparents and liberals. Once the old residents finally die, these houses will be replaced by a Walmart.

    Now, downtown Sacramento is known as the city of trees because unlike other cities Sacramento has trees. Sacramento is a great place to see from your car as you’re driving to Los Angeles. Because there’s not parking, you’ll have to use the only tram to explore the cities joyful statues. This is the Capital building, here they give out free water in what they call a ‘Drinking Fountain’ visitors will also be surprised to find that the WC’s are both frequent and free.
    People in Sacramento suffer from what is called ‘Bridgephilia’ as they painted this bridge gold (Tower Bridge, Gateway to the Capital) and worship it like a God.
    Oh boy! That is California’s gold. Now a holla out of the city of Sacramento in ‘old town’ in the old town you’ll find dozens of quaint signs that will make you chuckle. Step inside some of the shops and check out the latest in American merchandise. Don’t forget to check out the train! As you immerse yourself in this Western history, don’t be surprised if you find yourself picking up the local accent.
    Now here’s something that’s really interesting, this grass I’m standing on right here in front of the railroad museum, here this grass used to be held for events where they would shine a big projector on this here building behind me and they’d show the movie, old classic movies like; The Princess Bride and Young Frankenstein and what not and so forth. But it was here ya could just lie on the grass and enjoy the movie. So, that’s really, really interesting

    On the river sits the luxurious “Delta King” this river boat dates back to 1927 and actually sank in 1981. Its ghost haunts the Sacramento River to this day.
    Oh boy! That is California’s ghost.
    While it might seem like a nice Western tourist destination, hey! Sacramento may pose a global threat as there is evidence that the city’s inhabitants are trying to change the world. F*** you Sacramento (Thank you Sacramento) F*** you (Thank You)

  • San Diego


    San Diego
    Hi there, I’m Rachel from San Diego, California. I wanted to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to live here. San Diego is a beautiful place to live. The weather is almost always perfect. There are beaches everywhere. A different kind of beach for different kinds of people, so there’s always somewhere to go. Some of the best places to hang out at with the best restaurants and bars would be Pacific Beach, Downtown specifically the Gaslamp District, and also North Park. So if you come to visit and you ask for recommendations those would be the three most popular places that people will probably recommend.

    Like I had said earlier there’re many different beaches in San Diego. There’re some with long boardwalks and lots of people. There’re also beaches that are a lot more quite, there are nude beaches, there are beaches great for surfing, and there’re even piers that are great for fishing and hanging out at. And there’s just so much to do so in addition to that we also have the world famous Balboa Park. Awesome places to walk around, museums, things like that, great for all ages.

    We also have Belmont Park over here in the Mission Beach area. They have roller-coaster and all kinds of boardwalk fun things to do. So overall San Diego is an awesome place to live. The people are generally pretty friendly, and we have tons of tourists. Everyone tends to be real happy. I think it’s because of our great weather, and I hope you come and visit.
    Hi there, I’m Rachel from San Diego, California. I wanted to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to live here. San Diego is a beautiful place to live. The weather is almost always perfect. There are beaches everywhere. A different kind of beach for different kinds of people, so there’s always somewhere to go. Some of the best places to hang out at with the best restaurants and bars would be Pacific Beach, Downtown specifically the Gaslamp District, and also North Park. So if you come to visit and you ask for recommendations those would be the three most popular places that people will probably recommend.

    Like I had said earlier there’re many different beaches in San Diego. There’re some with long boardwalks and lots of people. There’re also beaches that are a lot more quite, there are nude beaches, there are beaches great for surfing, and there’re even piers that are great for fishing and hanging out at. And there’s just so much to do so in addition to that we also have the world famous Balboa Park. Awesome places to walk around, museums, things like that, great for all ages.

    We also have Belmont Park over here in the Mission Beach area. They have roller-coaster and all kinds of boardwalk fun things to do. So overall San Diego is an awesome place to live. The people are generally pretty friendly, and we have tons of tourists. Everyone tends to be real happy. I think it’s because of our great weather, and I hope you come and visit.

  • San Francisco

    San Francisco
    Hi everyone!
    This is Laura from Under-the-sheets; and this is my first video. Welcome to San Francisco!
    I was asked by “Chick Chat” to talk to you today about what life is like in my part of the world.
    I made the decision that I sort of needed to get away from L.A. for a while and came up to San Francisco. So, when I moved up here I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t have any family. I just sort of knew that I needed to come to this city and I kind of felt a pull.
    I originally was supposed to come for six months but as you can see some of the reasons why I wanted to stay, I actually ended up staying here for seven years.

    It’s amazing! You can take a cable car every single day and you get to see all these tourists that come to see your city and I only live a couple of blocks away from here.
    Did you know that in San Francisco there’s more bike lanes in a little city that is only seven miles wide than in all of New York City?
    There’s lot of different neighbourhoods that almost seem like their own sort of micro Cosmo, their own city and each neighbourhood is completely unique and the people are totally unique to that neighbourhood that live there. So, there’s North Beach, which is where we are now, which is the Italian neighbourhood and it’s a very friendly neighbourhood, lots of families, lots of parks, lots of restaurants.

    There’s the “Mission” which is amazing, full of arts, Mexican food, incredible music.
    We have biggest Chinatown outside of Asia
    And the “Marina” there is just these ladies that always have spandex on any time of the day and I don’t understand why, are they coming from a workout or going to a workout? I don’t know.
    To live in San Francisco, you have to be very accepting and very open and when you move to the city you might not start out that way but people tend to change.
    Other things that happen here that tourists don’t know about, like every morning there’s a bunch of ladies that will meet at local parks to do Tai Chi or there’s a club called “The Dolphin’s Swim” in San Francisco and people of all ages swim from here through the bay to Alcatraz or Golden Gate Bridge, and that’s kind of crazy because I won’t even put my foot in the water!
    So, thanks for watching my video! I hope you enjoyed it and come back again and visit me at:

  • San Jose


    San Jose
    Hi, I’m Kevin Boyd, and my friend asked me to talk a little bit about what it’s like to live in San Jose. Now, San Jose is, kind of, the butt of jokes, especially up the peninsula in a slightly better known town up north, especially. Basically, people who have not been here respect any time here. San Jose is really a very nice place. There’s lots of love here. The weather is great. We have maybe two weeks of bad weather throughout the year.

    The rest is really beautiful: sunny, breezy, just gorgeous weather. There are a lot of great parks in San Jose, a lot of great places to walk. There’s an awesome art scene. We have a very lively art scene. There is a great art museum.

    There’s a festival they have every couple of months called “SubZERO,” down on South First Street, and first Fridays when they do the art walks: that’s when there’s always a lot of interesting art around San Jose.

    We have a pretty good newspaper. I don’t know if that matters much to anybody who isn’t old, but we have a really nice newspaper here. Of course, this is the capital of Silicon Valley which is the heart of the rip-roaring economy of the mind that is going on right now. Lots of really interesting things happening down here in San Jose. I live out just that way. Ah! If you see the tower over there, just past that tower there is a tall building. That’s Campbell. That’s the Pruneyard in Campbell. I just live a little bit farther that way in a little spidery arm of San Jose that goes out past Campbell. It’s basically one big suburb, but a nice one, a very nice suburb. That’s my San Jose!


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