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  • Waterbury

    In the heart of Connecticut just two hours from Boston or New York is the ninth largest city in New England, waterbury Connecticut settled in 1686, this city has a rich history and manufacturing Waterbury hit its stride as an industrial power in the early 19th century when it became the brass capital of the world implying over 50,000 people and attracting many skilled workers from around the globe
    0:56leading to an influx of immigrants from every nationality. Even with over a hundred thousand residents Waterbury manages to keep its hometown values and celebrated people Waterbury is a city of neighborhoods.

    Their distinctive character shaped by the history and geography at the city has led residents to form an unusual loyalty to their community. this passion lives on today in the desire to live, work learn and play in a place rich with history and culture.

    We have tackled the issue is that appointed what a great for many many decades we recognize that we have had some problems in the past and the recognition is the key to the success of moving forward tackling issues like plight unemployment, crime.

    Greatest asset that the city could have an economic development engine is an educated workforce the community Waterbury is a very special place. There are many positive things about it that attract not only people like myself but a faculty that has had experiences all across the country. The people are friendly, they’re engaged town, they park dedicated to really making Waterbury continuing place of innovation creativity. We are marking the city. We’re bringing in jobs were bringing manufacturers and unprecedented level. There’s over 5,000 manufactures still here in connecticut by employing almost 200,000 employees and with every manufacturing job-creating 324 service sector jobs. today still one out of every two people in Connecticut all their livelihood the manufacturing because I believe that you gotta buy American because the qualities that we put in place really make for the best product and I think it was a glorious past to this area manufacturing and is coming back and we’re thrilled that’d we’ll fight about Renaissance.

    That’s why buying american is so important in making sure the product survive are made in America and makes other components you buy are made and the Naugatuck Valley. In the water area the whole state for that matter that manufactures are doing very well to the point where they have job openings and they have a need. So the idea is we will be turning out hundreds of potential employs a year. the Waterbury region is known to have a very highly skilled workforce and we continue to work with our economic development partners to keep the people in this region employable, trainable and knowledgeable about all of the different aspects above now only manufacturing but health care in the service sector as well if your company located here in Waterbury and you’re looking to continue.

    To train your employees so that they remain competitive and therefore keeping your business competitive we provide a Series A funding for incumbent worker training which allows you to come to was it will help you offset the cost of those trainings to keep your employees with up-to-date technology that you might need to remain competitive and the global economy. Our commitment to education over the last several years has been phenomenal we were all students to be successful and I accomplish achieving 21st century skills. You want them to the Career College ready. Currently right now we’re building a sixty million dollar school the school’s going to be called the Waterbury career Academy. it is to provide our students an opportunity to be trained but this particular areas like allied health, human resources Engineering, Technology, manufacturing shows a true commitment on behalf of the city and the school system door are spending almost three hundred million dollars on the facilities or renovated facilities so throughout the district though relatively short period time hope hope to continue we’re really blessed with all the cultures that are certainly moles the education for our students each and every day in the classroom. I think what it means is that we have successful students who turned into successful adults who come back and give back to their communities. Well there’s no question about that whatever is one of the most diverse communities. In the state in connecticut we are melting pot you know you meet someone who’s grandfather’s grandfather came here. Another country built themselves up and allow their family to be successful prospers and you note when you meet that person only meeting them here because in your meeting their uncle who owns the barbershop. I think Waterbury has a lot to offer. I think the town cities will revitalize, its cool. The city is made up of all that is wonderful hard-working important people. The people are fantastic there’s a sense a community like you’ll feel nowhere else there’s a lot of community support in Waterbury help us rise to help to children the same people make a town people make it come to life I in a few combine that with the wonderful architecture that we have here with the wonderful neighborhoods.

    I knew that I wanna come to town plot here because I felt not only this building but the area had a soul to it. I think this general area is has a lot to offer on my wife and I are a season ticket holders at the Palace that’s one of the best things that ever happened to whatever this is the perfect place to have an art center because they can travel in from Boston traveling from New York City this area is isn’t rich in talent rich in professionals that give up their talents to the organization’s to the symphony to 7 angels to the metadata museum weekend bring people into Waterbury because we’re right on and off the highway an it’s a destination place now if you wanted move to Connecticut gift is the place to move to because you have great housing stock me we still have all the houses that the bear brass parents had main these homes are solidly built we have the lowest crime rate have any major city misstated Canada we not only have great quality a water but we have quantity of water enough depend upon anybody else and has a town in the city we have unlimited water we have one of the best water supplies in the country we have plenty parking in downtown want to bring and we have great historic buildings that are waiting to be developed and easy access to the rest in New England. You’re about two hours from Boston in an hour 40 minutes from New York, there are some wonderful buildings clean safe and friendly an attractive for investment. So there’s a lot to offer here whatever is the place to be place to raise children and also to prosper. People are really seeing the city start to move into a direction that they want to go in. Waterbury. Be here. Be here. Be here.


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