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    Okay, so I keep trying to record this video! This might be the 6th or the 7th time that um, I try to cover my feelings on having resided in the District of Columbia.

    So, first; why I moved to the District of Columbia:

    As you guys know, or maybe you don’t know. I was in college here briefly at George Washington and then at Howard University, I then moved to New York to pursue a career in the business marketing of the music industry.

    Once I was jaded and evolved out of that, I decided to move down to Dalloway for a year, got my own place thought maybe I could see myself living in the suburbs, I also wanted to be close to my parents at the time. Hated it!

    So I figured I would just move to D.C because that’s so nice intimate and I could get a better paying job, work on my YouTube and just figure myself out.

    So yeah, it’s been quite a bit of moving specifically the past three years for me, but I’m single, I ain’t got no kids, got a little money and I’m kind in an exploratory stage where I’m just trying to figure out where it is that I want to live and settle down at.

    D.C. Proper and the Trinidad North East neighbourhood in the hood; I worked in Rockville Maryland and I feel… I don’t want to detour anyone from taking a good paying job and potentially moving to the DMV area.

    Now, my opinion on D.C in this video is going to be explicitly on the District of Columbia, I’m not talking about Maryland, I’m not talking about Virginia, and we’re not talking about anything but the District of Columbia.

    Um, I feel like D.C in particular is good for people who either are big into the church, big into their sorority and fraternity, want a government job, have family here or have a family already, like their own personal kids, husband and you’re okay with like kicking with your home girls every other weekend at TGF Friday, those people will do well here.

    I have none of those things so… yeah it’s a little bit tougher. I will acknowledge that I made the mistake of:

    1. Moving into D.C Proper

    2. Getting rid of my car, because my car broke down before I moved here, it was either pay a couple of thousand to get it fixed or I figured I’d just take public transportation and buy a bike. Big mistake!

    To anyone who is considering moving here I say, “Don’t move to D.C. move your behind out to Maryland or Virginia suburbs, save on rent, get you a car and enjoy life that’s what I want to say.


    1. Cost of living is expensive here, I almost want to say that its more expensive than New York because even though my rent is cheaper technically I pay $1100 a month in rent or paid $1100 for a one and a half bedroom.

    The metro is more expensive, it’s not nearly as accessible as it is in New York, gas is super expensive, and tickets here are expensive; parking, driving tickets, traffic tickets.

    The food is expensive whether you eat out you get a 10% tax on your food or a grocery store that you have to pay 5cents for a bag. There is just no cheap food. I just feel to hustle and survive in D.C….

    There is no getting cheap food in D.C, unless you want to relegate yourself to eating Chinese food every night.

    The job on the street here is better, I feel like you can definitely get a good job, get a decent job, so I guess that’s why a lot of people do settle down in this area and opt to stay here, largely because the career field here is plentiful and so that’s not a qualm that I have with D.C

    The actual selection of food here sucks! And I’m saying this as someone that does not have a car, so telling me that I can go get Korean barbeque in Germantown does not count!

    Like the food here is expensive and the customer service sucks like just buy a large, I’ve had very, very few good customer service experiences when I’ve eaten out here to the point that I will trot my yellow behind all the way out to founding farmers and then pay the extra coin for some good food and good customer service because I just can’t deal with the piss poor service that I get here. Considering that I’m paying more than I should be for whatever it is that I’m ordering in the first place.

    The people:
    2. The people of D.C: this is kind of like a layered topic for me.
    First I think D.C in general lacks a strong sense of culture. There are lot of different nationalities that live in D.C, it’s definitely an international city but everyone is pretty much silo and everyone stays to themselves so there’s not a lot of cross cultural intermingling.
    Then, if you get down to the black people here, like the natives I just don’t know….. I think there’s this kind of in the hood specifically, there’s a lack of ambition and this is coming from me that resided in Bedford Stuyvesant, right next to the projects for quite a few years, in that even though it was rather misguided, there still a sense of like being able to come up from up from where you at.
    Yeah maybe everyone’s a rapper here in New York but there was still this kind of hustle and ambition towards being something greater than what you currently are versus in D.C there is just this air of like kind of complacency that very like… okay, no one’s really complaining like even justification happens here like it’s crazy to see that Trinidad is like you know not the nicest neighbourhood to live in but it is being rectified and I haven’t heard of any community meeting, I haven’t heard of any neighbourhood association, things that kind of build a community in your neighbourhood and reaffirm the history and the culture. None of that! Not a drop of it!

    Try to volunteer to teach a web design class at the rec centre behind my house. Those kids were not interested in doing anything other than sitting outside and the director of the program wasn’t really interested in doing anything other than collecting a pay check.

    3. The dating scene here I knew was going to suck even before I moved here, it sucked when I went to college, it still sucks now. I don’t particularly think you should come to D.C single unless you’re like uber Spellman political sheikh like Bob Kai, or the cute Swiss style with pearls, pumps and a cute matching purse like at all time.
    If you’re on that, then sure maybe you can put up with the f**** boys but I think I’m a little too eclectic for all that. Dating, for me as someone looking at the men here, there is a lot of qualified people here in D.C, good, educated, career minded, do a damn thing, middle class here and they’re great on paper but there’s just a major tuberous of like too much damn ego and big fish in a little pond syndrome going on here and it is so veer to the point that I feel like D.C is just f**** boys, Aquarius, cuppas and Pisces, four things I’m just not really interested in. I might give or take on the Aquarian but all the rest….
    Dude’s be like this tall, all pushed back hair lines and just think they are the shit and you should bow down and come heather and I can’t quite say that the women are much better, I feel like there is this perpetual cycle, like everyone here has a cut-buddy, fuck buddy, casual sex, however you want to term it. Everyone here is participating in it because we’re just all over the lack of being able to get what we want out of a relationship.
    Does it do any good for people who are looking to build genuine relationships? You know maybe you can join a church movement like “worth the wait” or something and find you a beau there. Otherwise it’s like argh, rough.
    I wasn’t even looking to date while I was out here but this has been like the driest year of my entire adult life [Sigh]
    So, part of the reason why I moved here was because I did want the opportunity to build my YouTube channel and being that there is a decent sized natural hair community here and there are quite a few big names and people with YouTube channels and major blogs that live here. This would be a great opportunity to move and I’m used to like the system of organic collaboration in that, you always see someone out, you get to know them and then you both mutually come together and you’re like “Oh it would be great to collab”
    You know, I’ve done what you can term as “collabs” on my YouTube channel but it hasn’t ever been like “Okay, I’m going to collab with you because I need more visibility” it’s like not we’re going to collab because we happen to like each other’s content and we work well together, so, let’s do this collab.
    But that doesn’t really exist in D.C, I’ve talked to other people about it and they’re like “well, maybe people are just competitive” this doesn’t give me the air of competition here, it’s like an aloofness and I think again, it’s a cycle thing. People do not invite you out to events! I don’t get it for a company to come out here and do an event in an effort to market their brand and then not tell anybody that they’re doing an event here, it’s like “Do you just want to market to your same ten friends?” I don’t get it, like how are we building a brand here, how are we progressing here?
    See, what happens is, no one’s inviting you then you want to be like “Well, eff it I’m not inviting anyone” acquaintances, just socialize and have a good time and just build off that and it just doesn’t exist here maybe because people live so far out like most people don’t even really live in D.C. people be lying, people be posting on Instagram “I’m at Park Owens” yeah but you drove like 45 out to town, people live out in the suburbs, they don’t live in D.C.

    Even when collaborating with people, I’ve mentioned on various occasions, the various people, about collaborating and it all comes down to, you’re doing all the ground work to make it happen. People don’t genuinely want to collaborate; it’s not a genuine effort in getting things together and it just seems like peddling backwards like putting in so much work to build a brand and you know the best way to build it is through who you know and organically collaborating with people without it being this force like “Jouelzy and so, and so collaboration” so, I feel like there’s a lost opportunity on their part.
    I don’t necessarily want to get into comparing D.C to New York because its apples and oranges but I think the great equalizer in New York is that everyone takes the Metro. So there is a certain sense and opportunity to gain familiarity because you always see people out and you know, you can move around social circles like everyone here they stick in their clicks, everyone is very, very cliquey here there’s no balancing out that clickiness.
    But people have no problem in calling you and asking you for a favour though, and it’s quite like… really? Like I met somebody in September, they called me February out asking me to introduce their artist to an ANR I knew in New York, and I’m just like…. that is… that is… did I not meet you like six months ago? Have you called me since?

    I’m not really into the club scene either, I like more like hanging out in gatherings and house parties and you social opportunities, you can turn up and have a good conversation at the same time. That’s more of my steams and I really just didn’t find it here.
    This is a city of day parties and brunches and those are okay. Brunch is too damn expensive here, I’m not paying $50 for no none boozy brunch.
    I’m trying to keep this short, so those are just my general thoughts; I might do a blog post further breaking down kind of my opinion on D.C being one with the city.
    I think it largely has to do with the big fish, little pond cliquey-ness of the city. People just are able to create false senses of self and live in that and so anything that would possibly break up that false sense of self they’re really not effing with.
    Do you live in D.C?
    Have you lived in D.C? Let me know your opinion on it.
    All my New York friends don’t like it here. None of them like it here but I’m interested in hearing other people’s thoughts. And if you do like it, what are the things you like?
    What makes the city so special? Let me know. Maybe I need another preview but no one’s been able to convince me yet. So, let me know in the comments down below.
    Thanks for watching!
    Go buy my book girl! Why you ain’t bought it yet? The reviews on Amazon are amazing!

District of Columbia

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