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  • Daytona Beach

    Daytona Beach
    Hi. My name’s Allison and I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about Daytona Beach. I was born in Daytona Beach and I lived there for a good 22 or 23 years before I move it up north. I always said that I want to know what it’s like to finally see snow and live in snow and being here for a couple years now, it’s not all that cracked that to be much rather be back in Daytona Beach where the weather is always nice, granite gets very hot this summer time but everywhere is air conditioned so not all and even. if the weather is kinda cloudy and rainy, we have a saying,

    if you don’t like the weather within a few minutes, it’s probably Change. So you’re guaranteed fun almost all time you visit. Make sure you visit during the right time or else you might find yourself stuck with a bunch of NASCAR fans, bikers and if you like that sort of thing that that’s Cool.

    NASCAR stuff happens periodically, the biggest one is on 4th of July, when the most NASCAR fans
    Are there. In March and October, there are biker events. A lot of fun actually if you like that sort of thing, I liked like that sort of thing. So a lot of fun but a good food and all that sort of stuff. Of course there’s the beach, Daytona Beach, world famous beach. the water temperature will always be warmed, I don’t think it drops below 72 degrees no matter you know how cold it is and even in the winter, it probably not below 50 degrees.

    The food is surprisingly good in Daytona Beach. I mean, people are going to think about tourist trap and it is. It is a lots of chain restaurants but if you know where to go really good food. There’s suppose if you want Japanese there’s a Zen Bistro if you want Thai called, what it is? Quarries is for Spanish food, really good just you just have to know where to look. It’s not that hard, so that’s not a chain restaurant you recognize you probably site there. In Daytona Beach. There is very good mall, there is one of the biggest free markets in the country. You want free markets again also a really good Thai restaurant in the free market, it’s incredible. Definitely check it out if you visit. You will get lost. I been there many times and you will get lost but yeah you know as touristy places it is home to me and it’s a fun place just stop and visit for a week or so or if you’re considering you know setting up shop. There’s some bad, not bad apartments to live either so if you’re over thinking of visiting Florida, give Daytona Beach a quick visit. I miss a lot. So. Yeah.

  • Fernandina Beach


    Fernandina Beach, FL

    Hey there, I’m George Willingham [SP], and I’m going to be talking today about Fernandina Beach, Florida. It’s my home town. I’ll tell you that this is a great little town to be in. I left here when I was 19 to go to school and I went to work elsewhere, and I’ve stayed gone for about 35, 36 years. Then we moved back to have a semi-retirement and move into my grandfather’s home downtown.

    It’s a real small town, has a beautiful historic district downtown, and the town only has about 12 to 15,000 people that live in the town. But our town is really small, the city limits haven’t been expanded much and the county that we live in is in North Florida. It’s a nice town. It’s got everything. There’s some big box stores nearby, a lot of shopping, some high end stuff. There’s lots of restaurants, lots of theaters.

    When I say theater, I mean acting theaters. The movie theaters, there is a brand new one about eight miles away. The local one closed when the new one opened, of course. And so we have a lot of conveniences. We have a beautiful beach right on the ocean. We have a river that surrounds the island here. We’re on Amelia Island. It is a wonderful town full of Southern charm, and we have a lot of Northern people that have moved here. And so we have a very, very diverse population, I think everybody’s real friendly.

    There are some drawbacks like anywhere else. The cost of housing can be a little high. If you’re not well-to-do or … It’s not real high don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little higher than it is inland in some smaller towns. It’s a very touristy kind of place because we have the ocean, we have a big state park, we have the river.

    We have lots of historic qualities. We have a kind of a resort community at the southern end of the island. I mean, there’s just so much here. It’s a great place to visit, and it’s a great place to live. The infrastructure is good, it’s old, know don’t get me wrong, because we’re historic our sewer system is practically 100 years old. And so there is a lot of work being done on that. Every town has problems but this is a good, good town to live in as long as you stay away from the politics. The town is changing rapidly because of all the new people that have moved to town. There is an old school people that were born and raised here. Now I was born and raised here. I don’t really consider myself to be the old school because I’m a little more progressive than that. But that’s just me. So if you stay out of the politics, you’ll be happy as a clam here. All right, thanks for watching.

  • Tampa

    With all the activities here in town there’s always something to do. There’s always something bring your out every week and every weeknight. Yeah and there’s gotta be something for everyone whenever your taste does. He likes to go to the game and I like to go the pourhouse. I love to take the dog for a walk down the river rock. I’m and there has been a lot known recently you now so there is something every night that we like to do. You know we’re not stuck at home or we always find something entertaining to do downtown. a lot of things to do for exercise in downtown is very essential to us. We like to run, and its safe, we feel safe. You know we are not feeling someone gonna jump behind us. And the dog really enjoy it too.

    I feel like downtown Tampa a family for the dogs. At the end of the day, we would like to enjoy sometime outside in the park with each other, with our puppy. And then at night, there are lot to do. Friends and we would like to go to fly bar. So, see you there.

    The fly bar, one of our most favorite places. We love the atmosphere a local hangout, love the selection of beer wine & do that I have bill for us. We love to plan, we have friends coming in from out of town kinda out of town do you live just down and everything there is to do downtown. Always take them our favorite restaurant. You have to see this or you have to come to this bar. Check out the park we really love. We have a la the unique thing here. It’s not like here usual chain restaurant center and every town we have our own unique, find and feel everything. Last time experience enjoyed visiting us. We are proud about where we live and where we work. We wanna show it off those a little.

    Alright, this is Kavin, Tampa, Florida and my video today is gonna be on are living in Tampa, Florida and this for the person that thinking about moving here, you know, they want to know what it’s like what to do, jobs, all that kind of stuff.

    First of all a little bit about my background. 55, I moved from California where he spent most my life. I been here for eight years. I live here Tampa, I’m actually, Apollo Beach which is south-east of Tempa about 30 miles. And I came here when Katrina was hitting, that’s why I left for Florida in my RV with my 6 years old baby. So that gives you a little background. But let me tell you about the little Tempa here, and just to save you some time this eight years’ experience here and I can tell you what I observed since I have been here.

    First of all, there are lots of good thinks and lots of bad things. I came here because I thought its cheaper standard living, anything but that. Housing might be cheaper but everything else is the same. High electric bills. You know if you don’t like humidity like, I doubt this is not the place to be. Humidity is very bad in August, is pretty much bad all year except for maybe three months probably between Novembers in February. That’s when lots of activities are done but I never go outside because hate the humidity. And if your condition never goes out, you are screwed and that’s happened to be quite a few times. But I’m so I if you don’t like humidity, you know, this is not the place. It’s pretty bad, Miami about 10 degrees hotter than this place furs on degrees were about four and a half mile, four and a half hour from Miami here about 10 degrees hotter and were out of the hurricane area may be for eight years and I’m through 2 or 3 tropical storms, nothing major all. I’ve been lucky been here I really haven’t seen much as far as hurricanes at all. We’ve had some 2 or 3 nasty tropical storms massed up my cage is back with the coolest Lawson panels and our house got struck by lightning to twice, and so that’s something I have to look. This the lighting capital United States, Hillsborough County, Tampa. So just a little inside about that but I’ve been here, already been struck by lightning twice.

    As far as the people that are, you know, high-profile, yet DickieV, the baseball guy, he is in Sarasota, which is about 45 minutes from here. We have cohagen, the Clearwater which is pretty close to here. We have John Travolta in but up north, ogasga and even Knievel used to live in Clearwater, he died couple years back.

    And then, in sports team, lots of people really big into raised, it’s been pretty good since Ben became a coach. The box suck right now. It had the lighting, you know, you want to clear a couple of few years back. So lot of people are into football, baseball here and hockey. Nothing out of basketball, you like basketball was not place to go on.

    As far as the jobs, I keep California house make like 25 bucks or 30 bucks an hour is nowhere near left here. Most jobs here are here 8 or 12 or 15 dollars an hour unless you way up on higher in the food chain and you know, so the jobs, a lot of people work at Walmart stuff like that ,you know and, you know, so the job market really not very good. Sucks, be honest with you. So, most of the jobs are between, I don’t know, 9 to 10 dollar upto may be 15/16 dollars. Lot a landscaping job, if you become a landscaper, lots of that activity.

    As far as the other interstates whether I call freeways to the interstates out here there’s no carpool lane, you know, wild crazy drivers here, obsoletely insane drivers around here. Everyone drives by 80 as status called or interstates. Lot of actions all-time, seeing people die left and right and all the time in the paper. Lots of bikes accidents I can hear, lot of car accidents. You know, the drivers are not good here, they really are not. So, that’s my observation living in California. They are worse than California I think.

    As far as people they’re not up to speed like people in California, there are a little, I don’t know, they are not up to speed. I can’t think the word right now but they are not aware of things people want to point, they are slow over here. I don’t know what the deal is with that. Lots of people, tons of people this country smoke, and lots of people have tattoos. I don’t mind tattoos, I even mind smoking but a lot, lots of tattoos here. And, you know, here, all types of people here too. I live in Apollo Beach. Spanish, blacks and lots of cubans too. You know, this is a wide variety of people, and you know, Federal flags sometimes are around here. People are pretty over minded, is pretty liberal. I don’t see any have strict, you know, people pretty liberal, people look pretty much accept anybody around here. we’re all concerned with that we moved here because you know, it’s in the south, but pretty much anything goes.

    As far as rents, I own a house but rents ranch around here about five hundred to thousand a month and there’s a lot of mobile homes here too. Lots of mobile homes. People don’t have chimneys here by the way. Lots of mobile homes, a lot of trailers, it is just not, it’s a lot different and what the first thing I saw when I got up this place is like one being jungle, it’s all flat, you know, like one big jungle. And there’s a lot of like when you are in interstates, you know, you are you up seems like three miles, you know, between access. So you know, it’s a lot of
    Bushes, you know, it’s like a jungle. Can actually look like couple hundred years ago. Its big jungle I think.

    As far is, let’s see which part I want to cover here. Okay Orlando’s is about an hour and half from Tempa, Miami is about four and a half hours. Lots of people go to Clearwater for the beaches, it’s real crowded over there. Sarasota is nice, we are close to Sarasota. The weather’s nice, it’s about 75-80 the whole year here, never get above 90 but the humidity sucks and that’s why I don’t like here. Lots of fishing, lots of boating.

    So hopefully this helps you out give your idea if you want a move or not. I’m trying to get out of this place, be honest with you, but I wanna put this on the YouTube here because some people, I might help you save eight years grief, who knows, but on this gives you an idea what Tampa, Florida is like.

    I work on the Internet, can I help people with on leads getting for their business. So if you have online business and you want help getting leads, that’s what I do. I work from home to help people get leads. I also help people build blogs for themselves and all that things.

    You can subscribed to my YouTube channel that’s great but hopefully this helps you if you’re thinking about moving to Tampa and if you have questions you can. I have been here for eight years and I kinda laid out, spilled all the beans here. If you have any idea, we’ll see. If you wanna know any idea was like from a guy, figure eight years, is it wasn’t like California so on top with my information there if you want contact me or you wonder if you need help with the online business that’s what I do an internet marketer. Have a good day. Bye


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