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  • Atlanta


    Hey guys. This is another episode of Mo cris. Today we are taking our topic out of a hat. Ok. Living in Atlanta what do we like? Don’t like living in Atlanta. Alright so far for me, number one complain is the morning public transportation system. I can’t stand the public transportation system. Something I like about is that there are such beautiful places to live outside the city. so that you can kinda get that country major feel which is why I like and then you can still going to Atlanta and have like you know the whole city you live in allowed to cool places to visit lead to fun things to do so I like that you can have the best of both worlds at that sense.

    What I like about the atlanta is the weather. You like the weather? Oh. I mean compared to like up north as far as the cold yes I Atlanta to me I feel like cuz since I grew up here I’m used to like to getting warm starting March but up north in other areas it is if you want to like may so weather for me yes. I have actually something don’t like about Atlanta because like its sole freakin humid here and your likes
    so here’s why I don’t know whether it’s because one day you got it in the eighties and the next day you got it done in the fourties and it’s like if you don’t like the weather it’s gonna change within 20 minutes I don’t like how changeable it is and I don’t like how it it can get really cold here in but in many can be like stifling up the next day so you’re you constantly like what what’s economy today I don’t want to know.

    What I don’t like about Atlanta are the freakin drivers especially the female drivers out there sorry I don’t know what. What you want to say? Want to say something about my driving? Don’t talk about my driving. You know my driving is good. Listen. The drivers in Atlanta suck. okay because especially when there’s like bad weather okay completely I don’t know it’s another temperature reading down here I really don’t know people don’t care people cut you of people like speed up when you are trying to get over like, it’s like it’s horrible and they don’t use blinkers down here yeah so that could be anywhere yeah something I don’t like I don’t like how we still kinda seem to be a behind the times in certain areas here not like in downtown like Buckhead Midtown area but in certain areas outside of the city we’re really behind the times as far as like culturally what we’re willing to accept like we study like side I some people only hang out just cuz where a black and a white girl so I feel a queen some areas in atlanta need to panic attack fun that so we can get with the times and the like I mean come on one love people and we talked about before.

    What I like about Atlanta drinks is cheaper and the food, there are lots of restaurants here you can actually generally consider Atlanta as a foodie town yeah and good stuff. I really like the fact that it has on the Diversey and the various has a restaurant but also because it’s cheaper literally the drinking and all that compared to you New York right are other places New York could be freakin San Francisco or LA or something I love about Atlanta is the access to you whole foods fruits and vegetables like there’s lots of farmers market, lots of coops is like the places that you can get stuck to eat healthy and save money at the same time so I really love that I have the ability that cuz I hear a lot of times relies on line like I don’t have never I’ll ever know how that felt like that something I really like let about living here access to healthy weight and eating but that aren’t expensive. The one thing I like about Atlanta is kinda like what she said as far as you know you can be the city and literally drive like 20 minutes and you mean a completely different terrain, different kind of atmosphere go hiking.

  • Savannah

    Hey guys, Will here and we are in Savannah, Georgia. One of the prettiest towns in the United States; I swear, I mean, it’s on all my lists:
    Top 10 towns in Georgia
    Top 10 towns in the South
    Top 10 midsized towns in the United States
    This is one of the prettiest towns you will be coming to see anywhere in the US, so if you’re thinking about coming to the South of the US, come to here! Savannah Georgia. It is amazing!

    Now, as much as I love Savannah, my wife lived here, we’ve visit here a lot, I mean, this is a great town! But, like anywhere we go there are always things you’re going to love about a town and things you’re not going to love so much about a town.
    So this is our 5 things you will love and hate about Savannah, video:
    Now the first thing, I always like to get the bad news out of the way first, so you’re not thinking “Oh Mark just says happy fun stuff”; no, best to get the ‘rgh’ out of the way.

    So the first thing, you’re going to HATE about Savannah are the bugs:

    5 things you’re going to hate:

    – Whether it’s mosquitoes
    – Fleas
    – Sand gnats
    The baseball team here is called the “The Sand Gnats”. They do have a lot of bugs here so be prepared and the one you need to be the most prepared for, which I swear if you see one you will freak out is the “Palmetto Bug”. Okay, you guys know what a roach is? Now, imagine a roach that can fly! And wants to dive out of the tress and attack you! Yes, that is a Palmetto bug guys. It’s not a flying roach, it’s a palmetto bug, so be prepared okay! You’re going to freak out, you’re going to hate all the bugs but that is one you’re going to hate the most alright. That’s the first thing you’re going to hate about Savannah.

    The second thing you’re going to hate about Savannah is more kind of a hindrance to your party life on vacation being here on a Sunday and that’s:
    You cannot buy alcohol in the stores on Sunday. Alright, so if you’re doing a short term rental like most people do, make sure you stock up on Saturday because Sunday none of the store, none of the shops will sell you any alcohol.
    Okay, they’ll have it there but you can’t buy it and if you want to go have a drink or anything like that make sure you go someplace that has food because they can be open. So you can actually buy it but only at a restaurant or a bar that’s open on Sundays, okay so that’s the second thing you’re going to hate about here.

    The third thing you’re going to hate about Savannah is it’s:
    Here in the historic center; to go out to eat, to go out to drink, well, drinking you can find a lot of deals, which is one thing I’m going to talk about in a second.
    But it is expensive to go out to eat and drink here in Savannah and to stay in Savannah, especially in the historic center, if you go out further; if you go out to Tybee and other places you can save on some money, but it’s Savannah; this historic centre is amazing. This is where you want to stay but you’ve got to pay for it. Alright, so it will be expensive it’s not a cheap stay.

    Now the fourth thing you’re going to hate about Savannah is the:
    I’m not going to lie to you, for a town of… I don’t know 250,000 people, it has the crime of a town a lot larger and you as a tourist have to be prepared for that. Now, most likely you’re not going to deal with any of these problems. However, that means for you, you walk around the historic center at night, there are certain parts you might want to watch out for. Also, in terms of your car, make sure everything is put away, do not leave out your cords, your DVD’s or whatever your kids have, pack it all up and bring it into your hotel okay. We stay here in the center, we bring everything in and I mean everything in! There are not even the maps down, alright, I might be a little overprotective but crime is kind of a problem here in Savannah so you want to watch out for it.

    Okay, and then the fifth thing you’re going to hate about which I’ll come back later on things you’ll love about Savannah is the weather:
    Now, you might say “Mark, it’s warm and sunny all the time, now what’s wrong with that?”
    Nothing is wrong with that! Except July and August, where it’s like a 100 degrees or about 39 Celsius and there’s 100% humidity and you literally walk out of the airport and the air hits you and you can’t breathe. That happened to me last year when I came and I walked and I was like “ughh” because it’s so hot and humid, July and August are just horrible for the weather here because it’s so hot and humid. Every day is not like that but that is when you have the “worst” of the hot weather.
    Okay, so those are the things you’re going to hate about Savannah:
    1. The bugs
    2. The no alcohol on Sundays
    3. The expensive eating out and stuff in the center
    4. The crime
    5. The weather in July and August

    Alright, now the things you’re going to LOVE about Savannah because guys believe me these are five little things you can definitely live with when you’re here in terms of hate but love is so many things you’re going to love about here.

    5 things you’re going to love:
    The first thing is the architecture:
    I don’t think you can see it through the trees and stuff behind me but that’s the Davenport House; that’s the first house that started the preservation, I call it the “Revolution” here.
    The historic preservation – revolution here in Savannah, guys, that’s number one the architecture. Because these houses they have so many relatively strict rules here in town about keeping up historic buildings but the thing is, it leaves this town with this magnificent, genteel feeling.
    You walk around and see these buildings and you really feel like you’re walking around in 1850 / 1860, I mean, it is amazing! The Davenport House, Mercer House, the Law houses, there are all kinds of them out there and you can go see there are like lots of house museums and tours will go through, I recommend the Davenport one behind me.
    Okay guys, just the architecture going through is amazing. Also, with architecture, guys, there is a University here that is an Art and Design College; they have a Historical Preservation Degree, so their students are out here helping to preserve this.
    The architecture here really makes this city amazing. Okay, you’re going to love the architecture!

    The second thing you’re going to love is the food:
    Guys! This is the home of Mrs, Wilkes, Paula Deen, okay, cook everything with lots of butter. I mean, guys, from low country boils to catfish bealtes, to sweet potato fries, the food here in Savannah is amazing! And you will eat and eat here, and you’ll say “No, I’m going to do better this time” but you’re not going to, you’re going to eat a lot and you’re going to love every bite of it!
    So enjoy eating here because the food in Savannah is to die for!

    The third thing, you’re going to love about Savannah are the people:
    Guys, these people are amazing here in Savannah! I love it okay, my wife is from here, she left for 8 years, I come back and the people I saw once three years ago, they still remember and still talk to me, whether it’s at the store in Prickly Wiggly or a bar or just walking down the street, the people here are amazing!
    They’re helpful; they’re friendly, just that Southern hospitality that you’re really going to love. That’s one of the main things I really love about Savannah.

    The forth thing, I know I said I hated the weather in July and August:
    Well, the other ten months of the year you’re going to love the weather! Guy, you can play golf in February in shorts here. It’s always nice weather, never gets cold. Okay, I said July and August suck, but the rest is amazing! Come enjoy off seasons, if you don’t have any kids, great! That’s why a lot of people make Savannah their retirement home because we have a really… kind of a eclectic population here; you have students from an art college and a lot of retirees and then the old South people; it really makes it a great kind of mix and all that is because of the weather they all come down here.
    And all that together brings number five of the things you’ll love about Savannah and that’s the atmosphere.
    Whether it’s the Spanish moss hanging from the trees or the amazing architectural buildings or historical buildings or the Southern charm in everything about this town, there is just this jenesequa… I don’t know about this town that the atmosphere just really makes you want to be here, makes you want to relax and chill out. I mean, it’s a great town! And the people and everything make it amazing!
    The atmosphere here is one of the things you’re going to love! So, let’s go through the 5 things you’re going to LOVE and HATE: first thing.

    5 Things you’re going to HATE about Savannah:
    1. The bugs
    2. The no alcohol Sunday at the stores
    3. It is expensive to eat out
    4. The crime
    5. The weather in July and August you’re going to hate
    So those are your five things.

    5 things you’re going to LOVE about Savannah:
    1. You’re going to love the architecture, all the historical preservations and those things
    2. The food, believe me you’re going to go home a few pounds more
    3. The people, they are so wonderful here
    4. The weather, the other 10 months out of the year
    5. The atmosphere in this town
    So guys, make if you’re coming to the US and you’re going to be in the South, you’re going to do the Atlantic Coast, Savannah Georgia one place you definitely need to come!
    So have a great trip, I hope this helps you on your little adventure in America, and I’ll talk to your later!


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