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    Hi guys. My name is Gabby and I basically doing a video for anyone who’s interested in one day moving to the Chicago City. As you guys probably know Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States, there Chicago LA in New York so Chicago’s one of those top city better very desirable for a lot of people, particularly young people. So when I was looking to move to Chicago a year and a half ago, that’s when I moved in, I was looking on YouTube for videos that will kind of tell me what to expect and help me to you kind of just better to the city but I really didn’t find much, particularly I did find a lot of videos targeting towards the young people, young professionals, students that sort of thing.

    So the first thing I’m gonna talk about is the cleanliness of the city, surprisingly even though Chicago a large city, it is very clean. I seldom see trash or any type of garbage in the streets, it’s really well-taken care when it comes to their regard. But I do wanna say that just like other large cities, part so Chicago can smell very bad, I don’t know what’s this sewer system or what, but sometimes you all be taken off guard by different stages and smells.

    And also one thing that you should be prepared for if you moved to the city is on a lot of homeless people. I was really shocked nights when I came here because I would be riding the train, there be homeless people sleeping, people would be asking me for money and lot of people on the corners people in the corners asking for money. I didn’t experiences this in the city where I came from so it was just shock for me. So just definitely expected to see a lot of homeless people if you plan to move here. And even like the another thing shock me is the fact that sometimes the homeless people will harass me, so just be prepared for that kind of what you get when you moved to a bigger city. I mean I’ve never been hurt or anything by Holmes person but they will like follow you and keep ask you for money like say worried things so just can be on the on the lookout for that.

    And also if you are a hipster type person who you know likes to shopping great thrifts stores or if you like a good consignment shop or if you’re interested you know vegetarianism more veganism or just you healthy in general this is definitely the city for you because there’s a lot of everything I just mention right here. There’s I’ve never been it better consignment shops before I moved here so definitely be prepared for that, be excited for that if that’s what you’re interested in.

    There are neighborhoods here where you notice the hipster lifestyle is very greened for example we have Wicker Park, Logan Square, I’m sure there’s a bunch of other ones but just to name a few.

    And another thing that I wanna touch one is the crime. I know before people move here like one thing that they know about the city or have heard on the news about the city is that there’s a lot of crime, lot of shootings. I don’t say that that is true but any sees you’re gonna have a lot of shooting in yet there’s there may be a lot of people become victims the violence here but if you think about it there’s a lot of people who live here so of course is gonna be you know a lot of people who are victims of violence but if you come to compare it to smaller cities like the the percentage is not much greater than it is in other cities. So just keep that in mind I get is a lot of violence going on but it’s a lot of people living here so it just makes sense. So don’t be too afraid thinking that if you come you’re gonna get shot all that because on that’s just not true. Overall the city is safe.

    Also I want to talk about the racial split that’s in the city because it shocked me when I first came here so I want less be prepared for it. There’s a clear distinction in the city between like where the black people live, where the white people live, where the other minorities live, it’s really clear. Like for example on the south side of the city that’s where the majority of african-americans live, on the north side that’s where the majority of white people live.
    There’s a bus called the 49 sheet bus or whatever, that goes down Western and it goes from the far north-end to the far sound-end and if you stay like if you get on the bus on the far north been in you write it down completely, you won’t notice that when you first get on its gonna be filled with white people as you go closer and closer to the south part City, white people are going to get up and black people are gonna get on in and when you get to the other side, it will be finned with black people. it was a big big shock to me and it kind of like I don’t know on this is very disappointing just to see such racial dividable that’s just what it is and be prepared for that when you come here. I mean of course you know there’s gonna be black people on the North and white people in the South, it’s not completely split but it is a clear split.

    In another thing if you’re thinking about coming here for college, there’s a lot of great colleges here so I definitely would like you to explore that. We have University of Chicago. We have University Illinois at Chicago. We have the palm like these are all really great colleges. So on for education this is definitely the place to go and if you want to be able to find a job at graduate once again this is a great place come. This is a lots of opportunities, in lot of businesses, lots of organizations who are looking to hire young people who are just out of college.

    And when it comes to how expensive the city, I’m not gonna lie. it’s pretty expensive to live here I think it’s probably compared to other major cities but I’m from Ohio and when I moved here I was completely shocked at how expensive things were like just going to grocery shopping was a pain because I knew I was gonna have to spend all the money but you do get used to it cause like salaries here kinda come back that a little bit because you get paid more than you get paid in like let’s say Ohio where I’m from. So kind of balance that out but at the same time it still disappointment having to pay so much when you go out for eat, when you go grocery shopping you get clothes that type stuff

    Okay so the weather in Chicago. Summers are great, the summers are beautiful. We’re right by Lake Michigan and we have great beaches but on the winter time I’m not gonna lie, it’s horrible. Where in wintertime right now and I think this past week was probably the worst like, the coldest winter ever experience like, and it is freezing. if you’re from a small place, you need to be prepared I mean not from a small place but if you’re from one place you need to be prepared for a life changing experience when you come here, like you will get frostbyte, you will get snowed in like it’s crazy. So like be prepared have a bit cold. Do not come here with some jacket thing, you’re going to get by have your gloves, have something on your ears, have like some snow boots, you need to be prepared because it is war in the wintertime in Chicago. The wind is freezing, like smack in the face, it’s horrible but if you can survive this, you’re Chicago winners, you would definitely have a very pleasant spring and very pleasant summer. So if you’re like most people who like the Four Seasons, who like to experience the Four Seasons this is the city for you because you will definitely get a wintertime experience here.

    And one thing that I like about Chicago’s even though it’s a big city, the people are still really nice. Like if you go to New York, honestly, I went to New York and I didn’t have great experience. This is me personally, I wasn’t there for a long time so maybe have stayed I would had a better time but people are rude to me. Like when I went out to eat, the waitresses were rude. people on the streets where rude, everyone just seem like they had like attitude and it woke up on the wrong side a bad but here you get that big city feel but you still get that Midwestern type of hospitality. So it’s really great to get the best of both worlds.

    And if you’re looking for a place for you do not have to buy a car like you don’t have to own a car, this is the city for you. The public transportation system is awesome. We have the Metro, we have lol, and we have the buses, like all that is really great. you can get anywhere in this city very easily except some in certain parts of the south side, public transportation is a little, you know, it’s not as good as other parts but and the whole like as the whole city is public transportation is excellent. You get where ever you want. It can take some time depending on where you go in but you can definitely get where you want in the city.

    So just a little bit of suggestions on safe places to live. I only been here for a year and a half, so I don’t really know the city that great but if you’re new, you’re just looking for somewhere safer, you don’t have to worry as much because in a big city you can have the word anywhere you go just a little bit like, you can always have to be cautious and make sure you’re safe but Logan Square, that’s where I live it’s a transitioning City, I mean, neighborhood like it’s becoming very very safe. There’s a lot of young people, a lot of families, its overall is a safe area. Wicker Park, like I mentioned earlier that’s I’m where a lot of the hipster, bybs are is also very safe neighborhood. brownsville is the very safe neighborhood if you look for something a little more near the south side. Hyde Park is very safe. I’m of course before you get a place you do you want to visit the area and kind of scope it out like me I actually like walked around the block and walked on all around the area before I choose to live where I live because I want to make sure that it was safe. So where were you even if his neighbor that I mention steel New Year your research.

    And if you are moving here and you are young, it is very very difficult to find a place. You need to have a strong cosigner, you need to have you need to have that we need to have a job, because and I mean like a good job. There’s so much competition that be landlords. they can be picky, so they will be picky, they only want people, I mean, they really gonna let you live there if you are stable and they gonna know that you are gonna pay your rent because like a lineup young people were trying to move in these places because this is like, like a very hot area, like chicago is a very hot city, so just be prepared to have a cosigner or a job for you here. And you definitely probably benefit from having a roommate because rent is expensive here. I’m living in a two-bedroom and I’m paying 1100, not by myself but we’re paying, we’re splitting in half but still two bedroom for 1100, that kind of a lot of money compared to Ohio but I don’t know about where you guys.

    There’s a lot of bars here, a lot of great bars, a lot of great restaurants, so much to eat, so many options, just never get bored. on the clubs, honestly club scene is OK but I’ve never I’m not found a great club here that I can really rave about, honestly, I was kinda disappointed with that because I thought something was the bigger city will be more like better dance places and clubs but not really.

    the last thing I wanna talk about is if you are in a minority, you’re coming here for school, honestly, if you’re minority come here for school is gonna probably be a little difficult to find other minorities if they’re not in your program because and I mention the city is pretty divide when it comes to race, you have a lot of people who live, most people live on South Sider are black, most people live on Northside are white ofcourse that’s not like a hard and fast rule but in general, I am talking in general. But most other schools here are not on the south side, I am think there’s any, maybe I’m wrong but I don’t really know many colleges on the south side. In most likely be moved here for school you can live near your campus.

    so just taking that in to an account, it’s probably gonna be a little difficult for you to, actually me other minorities, so I just want it kinda pop that in there, so you can be aware that on it’s not impossible but it can be a little more difficult but I hope this video hope you guys and if you have any more questions just comment below and I can answer them and if you’re moving to Chicago welcome and I hope you will enjoy and I hope you enjoy.


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