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  • Pentwater


    Hi, my name’s Ryan. And this is what it’s like to live in Pentwater, Michigan. Pentwater, Michigan is a small town, right on Lake Michigan.

    There are about 1500 people that live in this town. The summers are beautiful, about 70, 80 degrees in the day, about 60 at night. The fall is full of beautiful colors and changing trees. The winters are hard, so if you like winter sports, like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, it’s a great place. The spring is full of life, because you know summer’s coming.

    As for things to do in Pentwater, it’s a resort town. So honestly, most things center around the lake. You’ve got water sports, and you’ve got just chilling out at the lake, and enjoying the beautiful forest that you have. Manistee National Forest is very close. There’s so much woods. So many great places for hiking up here.

    As for restaurants, you’re going to find a lot of seafood, a lot of fresh food that comes right from the big lake, and also from the little lakes. In this area, we have Pentwater Lake, which is right in the town of Pentwater. And on the north side, you’ve got Bass Lake.

    As for roads, transportation, they’re pretty great. Here, the community takes pride in making sure the roads, and everything in the town, are clean, accessible, good quality. So you’re going to have no problem getting anywhere.

    As for public transportation, getting to Pentwater can be a bit difficult. It’s not near a big city. So public transportation getting right into the town, is kind of out of the question. You need a car to get up here. That’s how it goes when you live somewhere in a beautiful, natural area, without any big city lights. You’re going to have to put a little effort forth to get out here.

    As for the environment, absolutely beautiful forests. When you’re here, you can hear the trees rustle in the wind. You can hear the waves. You truly feel that you know that you’re in this beautiful, beautiful area, of natural wonder. As for living in Pentwater, I would give it a five star rating.


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