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  • Rochester

    Welcome to rochester: the best city to live in in the United States. It is a beautiful city I’m going to show you several different places that are famous in Rochester and I’m a star with my house.

    This is the neighborhood they live in. Welcome to my house this is where I live. This house is bill in 1992 and I have lived in the air for the past eighteen years. So this is a great house thoughts memories and I will show you the back you. This is the view backyard the house and as we pan around you can see several baseball fields here there four baseball fields great in my backyard. So it’s perfect their plan on high school names and other things. Next I will bring you to a farm.

    There are several farms in Rochester and here’s one of them. These are the two main crops Rochester here. To my right, we have corn and these corn stocks as you can see I’m about 6-foot-4 and stocks are about the tall as I am. So you can see it could be a very good harvest this year. To my left, we have soyabean. Soyabean and corn are makeup the two biggest crops in the Midwest. The Midwest is known as in the heartland the United States and these are two or the crops that are most commonly grown here Rochester.

    This is the famous corn cup water tower, the trade mark of Sanaka Foods. It’s world famous. It’s a corn cup looks like a water tower. I can’t get much better from this.

    Now we are at Super Target right here this is the biggest department store here you can buy food, you can buy clothes. It’s a Minnesota company. It’s kinda like Walmart no whenever we need to go

    So let’s have a look at what’s inside. So here we are on the electron section we have DVD’s are each year in jail TV’s, over here we have TVs, cameras, video games, all source of things; anything electronics you can find in here. now in target here we are in clothes department, all source of men clothes and shoes. You can buy pretty much anything when come to the clothes department. ofcourse americans love their cookies there’s an whole bunch a different types of Cookies Chocolate chip walnuts home and all types and cookies and what’s, cool colorful frostings. Fruits and vegetable section, all types of fruits and vegetables here including grapes, apples, papers, latus all source of staff. Here is the corn that we were filming 40 cents, here grapes 4 dollars 2 pounds, lots of apples. Ok here is the meat section in target. You can see there are lots of types of meats 9 dollar a pound here. Over here you can see all types of chicken, pork, bacon, hotdog, eggs and all way down there you can see lots and lots of meet.

    The reason why Rochester is on the map today because of Mayo clinic. It’s the favorite place on Rochester. Mayo clinic goes into the entire downtown area, every tall building you see, the hospital or research facility. I worked here for two summers and the employees ten thousands of people in the greater Rochester area. The reason why the population of Rochester is a hundred thousand because many people work in the mayo clinic.

    So here I am with the two people who started the all, William and Charlee Mayo, most famous stocker in the face of the world and behind here you can see the naganda building on your left, and the new building on your right. Its 20 storage tall and fully dedicated to basements. So we are up now on the 19th floor of the mail building you can see you know that all the rochester here. zoom in on male field and you can see that is where lot to baseball games are played in the summer and below us you’ll be able to see here a gathering up people an events called Thursdays on first Thursdays on first is a little markets where you can buy lots of food, local area businesses in just selling things they’re so very fun market to go to and you can see pretty much of downtown Rochester from the top to the Mayo Clinic.


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