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    Las Vegas
    What’s up guys! Jacob Orath again here on “Jacob’s-life- in-Vegas”
    With another video; this is video number 4 of reasons to love Las Vegan in Nevada.
    Now, this is one of the big ones that really helped seal the deal for me to move here. Like I said, I moved from San Jose, California; where the cost of living in the country is actually some of the highest, it s last time I checked, San Jose actually had the highest median home price in the country. I think it was like $75000 (seventy five thousand dollars) was the median and the home price in San Jose.
    In San Francisco which is like 45 noughts away was right behind with like 650 or 700,000 and when I looked online at living our here in Vegas, like I said in another video Clark County is about the same size as Santa Clair County they’re both around two million people and I just figured that Vegas being another big area, another big city, the cost of living would be fairly high.

    I was pleasantly surprised that it was not! Coming out here… actually even before I came out here I obviously done some research online; I checked Craigslist and looked at home prices whether you’re renting or looking to buy a home, it’s much cheaper out here in Vegas and for a while it was even dirt cheap because Vegas was the foreclosure capital of the country when the economy really went down during the mortgage meltdown.
    But, I looked at the cost of living out here compared to where I was living in San Jose and also took in another fact all the student loan that I had from when I school in San Jose State and I remember talking to a guy who I met through some connections in San Jose, I talked to him on the phone, he was living out here working the industry. I remember asking him about living out here, he was out in Henderson. I remember asking him “What’s your rent out there in Henderson?
    He was “Well I have a 2 bedroom apartment that I rent for $750 a month”
    And I remember that I was actually so puzzled and in shock I said “Wait, can you say that again?” That’s actually what I said and he said.
    “I have a 2 – bedroom apartment here in Henderson and it cost me $750 a month”
    At that time I was in a two bedroom apartment in San Jose that I shared. I had a roommate and a two bedroom apartment; one bathroom in San Jose for $1400 a month downtown in San Jose and that was actually a deal. Compared to the rest of the area it was a nice apartment and it was a pretty good deal compared to what some of the other guys I knew were paying at their places. So, this guy was literally was getting almost the exact same size place, basically the same apartment setup but for almost half the price that I was paying, and Henderson’s a newer area out here; it’s a growing area just like the rest of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area.
    So, I’m sure his apartment was much newer and nicer than the apartment I was living in, in San Jose which we were living in a building that was probably a hundred years old, and I remember hearing that and just being so surprised that the cost of living out here being so much lower.
    Make sure moving out here from, you know more of the middle of the country, somebody I talked to out here moved from Nebraska was saying the cost of living in lot of parts of Nebraska and even Omaha were similar to here in Vegas. If you’re moving from an area like that then the cost of living will be similar but if you’re moving from like San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Jose, New York City, Chicago; if you’re moving from a major city where the cost of living is high, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how cheap it is to live out here in Vegas.
    I mean, the $1400 a month that our two bedroom apartment was costing us in San Jose, you can easily rent a 1600 square foot, three bedroom, two and a half bathroom house out here in Vegas for that price.
    You can easily do that and there was just no comparison and the other part that was you know conducive to me finishing up school, trying to pay up my student loan as fast as I could was the fact that Nevada has no state income taxes. There is only a handful of states in the country that do not have a state income tax and Nevada was one of them and based on what I made last year, I remember being glad I lived out here because I did the math and if I had lived in California, after the federal taxes I would have paid another few thousand to the State of California but in Nevada I get to keep that few thousand.
    So for me it was a win on both hands, I mean the cost of living was a win, no state taxes was a win for me, I mean, I was able to pay off more of my student loan debt by coming out here, by living in an area that was cheaper and had no state taxes. So, after I found a job out here I was looking at a job or even just thinking about moving out here, I knew Nevada had no state taxes but once I saw the cost of living that was pretty much what helped seal the deal for me.
    I mean, coming out here, buying a house is cheaper, renting a house is cheaper, gas prices are cheaper out here, and the sales tax is cheaper than it is in California; there are no state income taxes. So, and it’s a big area there’s plenty, there’s more than enough to do out here whether you’re a single person or whether you have a family, I mean you have all the amenities that you have in any other big Metropolitan area but just for a much cheaper price so.
    Alright guys, that’s it for this video.
    I’m Jacob; this is my life in Vegas. Stay tuned for the next video for reasons to love Las Vegas in Nevada.


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