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  • Winston-Salem

    Hello and welcome to Winston-Salem North Carolina, also known as the Twin City. Winston-Salem derives its name from two separate city, Winston and Salem that became one in 1930. Salem means piece that was given this name by the early European settlement while west named in honor of the war hero and legislator coronel Joseph Winston. A city full of history, nature, art and education; Winston-Salem is a home of places such as Historic Bethabara Park, which is the site of the European settlement of European church Philadelphia to Winston. R. J. Revnolds manufacturing tobacco to Salem and his main building set the architecture design for the empire state building in New York. Much of the town’s major land marks are named after Revnolds and henes whose family bought much of the wealth to the city what it is today.

    Twin city houses, schools such as Winston-Selam State University, Wake Forest University which is found in the way to forest of North Carolina. As the state to begin one of the first art council in North Carolina, the avenue of the art named in honor of its history and craft. Winston-Salem is the fourth largest city in the state and has one of the largest shopping center Henes Mall. Tallest building in the skyline cobiac building, been seen all over the city as you travel about the town. Great places to visit include Winston Lake, Carmike Cinemas, Old Salem and name of house a few. If you are looking for a great desert, Salem is the best place to be. It’s the value city of crispy cream donuts, various ice cream shops such as Ollie’s Bakery and European cookies from European bakery at old Salem. If you are looking for to live here or just visit for a while, Twin City guarantee twice the entertainment and education in anywhere you been before. See you soon.

North Carolina

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