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  • Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City
    I grew up, moving around with my dad’s job and then after graduating college this is now the fourth state in which I’ve lived and the pace of life here is something we very much enjoyed. It’s kind of a big city with a small town feel. I think maybe in sixteen years of living here, I’ve been in one traffic jam, but I’m also able to drive around town in a short amount of time enjoy all the amenities that you would expect in a much larger city, but it’s a social city where I’m able to become as involved as I want to be, volunteering here and there. It affords me the opportunity to feel like I am making a difference in a large city where I think and some megalopolis’s in other U.S. cities, I wouldn’t have that sense for connection.

    I think we had varied expectations about what we would encounter when we came here as I mentioned we came from the northwest which was certainly a beautiful area and we were disappointed to leave the beauty. But, I think when we came here that was balanced with the quality of the people we encountered when we came to Oklahoma City. So, it was a fair tradeoff.

    When we first moved here, this was in 1991, having grown up in Southern California are comment to our relatives was “Oklahoma City, it’s a not that great place to visit but it’s a great place to live.” I think our opinion is kind of morphed over time because we think it’s a good place to visit and a great place to live. There are a lot of clichés about the Midwest and the heartland of America and I think people outside of this section in the United States say those things about the Midwest and conservative values and those things they may say in a pejorative sense but I think that those are some of the most important things of life.

    In Oklahoma City, there’s a pace of life that reflects the quality of life that we are on the go and want to make things happen but we are also willing to pause and enjoy things. So, we’re not just moving at a fast pace for the sake of getting ahead, were able to pause and enjoy family and enjoy the finer things in life – take time out to go watch your kids in school, see a play, go to a concert and I think that’s a major difference. While the other things, that I think are hard for someone who doesn’t live here to understand, are also the standard of living that we enjoy when compared well the other parts of the country. It’s one thing to read it on a website or in a brochure but the fact that it’s more affordable for us to live here and the kind of real estate that we’re able to invest in. I wouldn’t have had access to the wonderful home my family enjoys here in some of the other places that I’ve lived up before.

    Consider Oklahoma City strongly because there are things that you don’t see upon first glance, kind of the depth of character that you can find in that not only the integrity of the individual but even the nature of the businesses that have been established across the years here in Oklahoma City. They’re not fly by night, companies. They are companies that look out for the good of their employees. Schools are the same way. Oklahoma City, because of its size, it’s both big and simultaneously small enough to feel like you belong actively and to be a difference-maker whereas when I lived in some of the larger metro part in areas in southern California and Illinois, I didn’t have that opportunity and never would have that opportunity. I’ve been able to move into Oklahoma city and feel like I am near the heartbeat what makes things happen here in Oklahoma City and that makes it a great place to live because I feel I’m are right in sync and feel the pulse the city.


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