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    Alrighty here YouTubers, this is Shab.
    I just tried to make a video of all the things about Portland Oregon, just like living situations and stuff like that. But apparently it’s too long and I really can’t trim anything out of it, so I’m going to try and shorten it down for you.
    This is not to offend anyone or to say that one area is better to live than the other. I just need to rush through it. My last thing that I tried to post was actually very intimate and very, very you know detailed.
    This is the basics of living in Portland, Oregon:

    1. Winter Depression.
    Winter depression is very, very bad here it’s the number one place for suicides in the winter, just because just can’t seem to get through them. It’s very hard to get through the winters.


    2. If you’re family oriented, you probably don’t want to live downtown.
    Nothing against downtown people, it just seems to be more the younger crowd that goes downtown. Single people, year totally live downtown, move into a high rise apartment for about six to seven hundred dollars a month right onto the limit man, it’s awesome.
    You’re a little older, move to the surrounding areas. That’s where I live. It’s like you know uh, I live in Washington County, Tananbourne area, you know it’s like Hillsboro and Tigerton and Beaverton, it’s about 17 miles away, it’s awesome here! There are plenty of trails, plenty of things to do. So… also the job situation, really hard to get a job here
    Seems like everybody here has a degree, so make sure you have a job when you move here or make sure you have savings.
    3. The place where I live at, the rest is roughly around… I live in a pretty nice you know, townhouse, it’s a one bedroom but I have a washer and dryer and stuff. I pay about $800 a month for rent plus about you know $150 for utilities. So, just basically look in that price range.
    4. It is a little pricy to live here.
    It seems to be like groceries are a bit higher, if there’s two of you plan on spending coupe hundred dollars every couple of weeks for groceries. Um, see I’m trying to make this fast because I had this nice one, it was like 20 minutes long and freaking YouTube wouldn’t let me upload it.
    I know that people say there’s a lot of racism and stuff here, I don’t think there is. I think people choose to separate themselves, just because that’s where their community is. The area I live in, I live close to Hillsboro, which seems to be very Latin American and Hispanic you know and um, Mexican American and that’s just kind of the community you know what I mean.
    I mean, there’s awesome food places and traditional places you know and Spanish stores where you can get Mexican type food.
    There’s also a lot in my area, people from India and stuff like that, I think it’s not just because they’re smart, I think it’s because Intel is really close you know and a few Asians sprinkle of Asian Americans also around. Nike campus is really close by; you’ve got Intel which is really close by so a lot of smart people around here especially with technical degrees and what not.
    In my area personally, I don’t have a lot of homeless people, they’re you know a couple every once in a while you’ll see people holding up homeless signs but not as bad as downtown, downtown is pretty bad you know. You go walking downtown, you can’t even get to a nice restaurant or anything without seeing a homeless person and it’s very depressing because um, you don’t know if you should really give that person money because you know you hear stories of people going
    “Yeah you know, blah; blah, blah, that person, yeah I know that person. They out here all day and collect money and then jump on the bus and pop out their iPhone. So you don’t know really what you’re getting into. So, like I said, I had to make this shorter video, I hate that I had to make this shorter video because the one that I had really explained a lot so.
    The thing that I really wanted to touch on the most was:
    1. Don’t move out here really without a job, unless you have savings

    2. Do not move or look to move downtown Portland, unless you’re, you know single or maybe you’re a couple that’s in your twenties and you want to go out and in and party and experience the Portland life. If you’re more family orientated and you want to do more nature stuff and whatever, I suggest you look at the surrounding areas first;

    Washington, Counties you know; your Tigerton, Beaverton, Hillsboro, places like that.
    Um, I’m trying to rush through this man and it makes me so mad…. um, rent: plan on spending around $800 for a place, couple of hundred dollars for utilities if you want to buy, if you have your heart set on getting a house, you’re going to be spending about twelve or $1400 for rent and the price of living is a little higher out here but other than that man, it’s just so, so beautiful here.
    If you can get through the winter months which is very depressing you know, I don’t mind cloudy skies and greyness and crappy weather but it was pretty hard this winter to get through just because it was rainy and crappy.
    Right now its March 24th back home in Missouri where I’m from they get 6 inches of snow, here its 60 degrees right now, pretty beautiful outside, I think I’m going to bust out the lawn boarding a little bit and go for a ride. Also, that’s the other thing, if you’ve got kids man, they want to get out in the surround areas because there’s just so much for kids to do you know, there’s skate parks right around the corner and they’re free, they’re outdoor concrete skate parks.
    There are trails and just so much stuff here to do it’s just worth it you know. So, hopefully I’ve touched on everything that I possibly could in this short, short video. I know nobody wanted to sit through a 20 minute video anyway but I felt I explained a lot more, but I’m sorry I could not upload that video.
    If there’s any other questions please let me know.
    1. The job situation here is kind of crappy, it seems like everybody has a master’s degree
    2. Make sure if you do move out here that you have some extra money
    3. Plan on spending around $800 or so for rent
    4. It cost a little more to move here
    5. It is gloomy, if you can get through the winter months; the summers are absolutely fantastic and beautiful!
    6. There is just so much stuff here to do, you can literally, literally go skiing and then go to the beach and go swimming in the same day!
    So yeah, that’s about it you know, just weigh your options, if you’re younger, if you’re in your twenties, that’s the cool thing about Oregon is that it seems like a lot of people are a little older, they’re in their thirties or whatever. So, by yourself single or you and your girlfriend want to move to Portland, want to get the real feel of Portland, move downtown.
    Family; want to do the family thing you know go out to the park, walk around, recreation or whatever, surrounding areas. We’re like 12 miles from downtown Portland, which is a hop, skip and a jump plus you can just take the metro, transporting you know; you can just jump on the bus, jump on the max and you’re downtown in like 30 minutes.
    So, I hope this has been helpful, you have any questions please put them at the bottom and I’ll try to answer them.
    I’m sorry that I rushed through this video, like I said I had a way more intimate video but just couldn’t upload it, sorry. So, hopefully I answered everybody’s questions.
    Shab; out.


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