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  • Austin

    Hi guys, Misty here. I just got back from an awesome trip to Austin Texas. I’d never been to Texas before so today is that are being disturbed are talking about anything entertainment only gonna talk about what to do in Austin.Texas. Three main things. The food, the town and the live music. The town is knowing that live in the capital the world for the country. I’m not sure which one but before we get to that. First of all the food, a few things you need to know. of course in Texas so they’re known for the barbecue I went to Starbucks which is famous in Austin even Obama went there and you know I wasn’t impressed with the food but I was impressed with the music venue they have a downstairs and then apparently behind the restaurant is also a huge venue where you can see live music so probably better for that and a barbecue also franken’s barbecues really popular biggest in life like two hours and people

    are selling chairs outside to make money so the other chair to sit in while you wait me why would you want to wait to our survival you when you’re on vacation now that just doesn’t make any sense to me. What is greatest Salt Lake, amazing phenomena barbecue had chopped brisket on white bread and it was amazing the barbecue sauce is world renowned too but the only problem with that is the address 30 minutes outside the city Boston to get to it.

    Next the tax max basically texas has amazing Mexican food with their own flair on a huge thing is breakfast tacos and you can get that a lot of food trucks around the city. another super popular thing are these food trucks like they love having is casual theme where it’s like a almost a trailer park for like a junk yard with food trucks in it but the food is actually really good so they told me for you. this casual dirty environment outside great breakfast burritos what’s up tortillas and top post the whole freaking weekend also this thing called megan’s and my GaAs is super popular it’s basically like Mexican scrambled eggs with like tomatoes and stuff in there but they also put in little bit some tortilla in the eggs and it’s cooked into their so ballast her already tasty to. now for the town of course you gotta go to 6th Street that’s basically all historic downtown Street, filled with tons of bars and restaurants and that’s where you gonna find a lot of the live music but mostly it’s now called dirty sex it’s a little college of have bars and weirdness so that’s great to see if you got to experience it but to hang out I prefer West 6 which is part of six street where its in newly developed cool slightly more hipster bars and restaurants great food great atmosphere

    I think I want one called the dogwood really open vie and I liked that a lot also please call Benji’s looked awesome another part time that you have to go to is Sal congress retro below the river so just slightly down from six Street and cool ice cream shops pizza parlors unique food and water snack bar which I highly recommend else went to South Congress Cafe highly recommend that as well and add carrot cake French toast with cream cheese syrup well yet so South Congress is a must see so retro cool that I think really defines Austin another part out as just going to if he wants and nightlife that is unique is Rainey Street where the turn a bunch of houses into parsley when there one night and it was a lot of fun good crowds and unique places

    I love going out and feeling like a mad house party love that and don’t forget that the University of Texas in Austin is right in the town so that they have a home game at the time that you’re there I would highly suggest going till getting people are very welcoming you don’t really need to know you want to go tailgating is kinda cool just put on some burn or injure and some white those in the school’s colors the Longhorns go Longhorns and just walk up and people pretty friendly can try some other did barbecue maybe play some cornhole drink a beer get a free beer koozie and it’s a good in Texas time I know there’s not many people have accents and austin’s so yeah lastly check out the live music get a local newspaper somewhere and that has all the listings for the music I think that the best way to find some and no they don’t really have much during the day so mostly at night time I made a mistake trying to find live music during the day not that common and beware the pedicabs cost more than the regular cabs alright a all I got for you today tell you if I love my review if you live in Austin you hate this review sorry hopefully to all you tourists and travelers out there hope that was helpful.

  • Dallas

    Hi. I am Alison Davis, the city’s first spotlight and today I am going to show you the top 10 fast neighborhood in Dallas taxes. In Dallas we have some of my favorite neighborhood in the country with massive trees in luxurious custom homes it’s no surprise with most powerful individual in the world aside call this city of Dallas their home.

    Starting at number 10, it’s Bluff View, a neighborhood in North Dallas. Bluff View is named for its relatively hilly demography. Some of the clist in the nabourhood are build 50 feet over the water giving beautiful views of brokelame bresh and chopbecheres. The neighborhood is served by the Dallas Independent School District and Holy Trinity which is the oldest continually catholic school in north taxes.

    Number nine is Lakewood. This neighborhood located in east Dallas and has many unique shopping areas with boutiques, bars, cafes and restaurants and what I really appreciate it the most is that their original they’re not chains or franchises. Lakewood also both the historic Lakewood theater and shows classic films and host many contemporary musical and comedy event. Lakewood is also popular neighborhood for cyclists, runners and hikers because the close proximity a white Rock Lake.

    Number eight is the Devonshire upscale in a poor neighborhood in North Dallas. The children of the neighborhood either study in Williams elementary school, Benjamin Franklin middle school or Hillcrest High School. Something fun and unique about this neighborhood is that they and really have a fourth of July parade.

    Number seven is Oak Lawn. This Dallas neighborhood provide a little bit more affordable living and neighboring uptown and you get more space for your dollar. Homes tend to be a bit older but arguably with more character, Oak Lawn is known for its RT flare and they have a number a good restaurants and one of my favorite organic stores whole foods.

    Number six is Upper Greenville. We’ll see if the bit more upscale and as a result the home los condos are a bit more expensive. This neighborhood is similar to Midtown Houston or South Congress in Austin a recent development Mockingbird station which is a newly developed urban village with upscale Los in restaurants. Upper Greenville is also have plenty a luxurious and spacious homes for sale.

    Number five Deep Alan describe it the trendy Soho and a heart attack. Deep Alan is the arts and entertainment headquarters for the entire city with the Miriam live music venues art gallery, opera houses and famous venues like club data, the neighborhood had everything necessary for a memorable night out on the town although there are some houses in the area most of Deep Alan real estate comes in the form urban law high-rises townhomes and condos.

    Number four Uptown. Uptown is one in the neighborhood to give Dallas its metropolitan feel it’s a popular place for young professionals to both live and play. their number high-rises town homes an apartment that cover the area and the neighborhood feel think race by the ability to walk to nearly anything boutiques, gems, grocery stores and restaurants are just right around the corner.

    Number three is University Park. University Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in all of taxes and is known for having some of the most beautiful homes in Dallas. They also have spectacular school district accented by more than 30 Lakes and have the lowest crime rate in the city. Real estate tends to the Spanish architecture style and are extremely luxurious. The neighborhood is also home to SMU

    Number two is Highland Park. Highland Park has one of the largest most luxurious homes an olive Dallas and it’s no surprise that was recently rated one of the wealthiest locations in taxes with the average income a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. This neighborhood has numerous outdoor recreation facilities in part and is located in one of the best public school systems in the nation. It also have many boutiques, bars, restaurants and much much more.

    And our number one neighborhood in Dallas Texas is Preston Hollow and I’ll you’ve heard mentioned this notable Dallas neighborhood in the news recently if the neighborhood former president bush’s moved to simply office. Preston Hollow is not only the wealthiest neighborhood in Dallas but arguably the wealthiest neighborhood in all of taxes. Other prominent residents are Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, billionaire investors hero, Estivan boone Pickens among many more. Currently homes range up to 40 million dollar in the state. For more information on that on the city in Dallas please visit I’m your host Alison Davis until next time, live well.

  • Downtown Dallas

    Downtown Dallas
    Hi guys!

    This is Jadu Witch, and today I’m going to take you on a journey downtown Dallas. This is the area where I actually live, um; this is going to be my neighbourhood and already is my neighbourhood.

    So, I’m really enjoying myself living downtown because there is so much to do and so much to see downtown. Um, the area that I live in is considered a not only financial area and financial district of Dallas, Texas but is also considered an arts district.

    Downtown we have; art galleries, theatres, museums, a lot of culture is going on downtown Dallas, not to mention we have such magnificent, beautiful tall buildings. It just really looks like… reminds me of Manhattan in New York City where I lived for the past 16 years.

    As a matter of fact, I call downtown Dallas, the new Manhattan. That’s kind of like my inside joke kind of thing, between me and my husband. I call it the new Manhattan because it does look like Manhattan and it has that same feel as Manhattan.

    So, here you guys can see, really wide spread streets, a lot of cars, well not that many cars as you would see in New York City, of course the population of Dallas is much smaller than the population of New York but if you really look at it, it really does have the same feel as New York City.

    For those of you who live in large cities you know what I’m talking about, it’s the tall glass shiny buildings and sky scrapers that reach out into the skies.

    It’s just wide streets and little oasis with plazas with water, waterfalls or fountains sorry, I lost my words here.

    But really it’s large public areas and office buildings and residential areas as well. So, basically I live in one of those really tall buildings and we have a rooftop swimming pool and the gym in the bottom of the building. So, it’s just a very basic kind of urban lifestyle that I get living here and I’m really enjoying it so far.

    I really love walking around even though it’s hot, but even the heat doesn’t feel too terrible here. Just look at those beautiful tall buildings, its amazing! It’s just so spectacular! Look at that eye it looks really cool and very artsy.

    We have also transportation here such as; buses and we also have dart train that I haven’t really used yet. I don’t really know how to get around that much, so far I’m just walking around and looking at stuff around me and learning what it is that I have around my apartment building, and here not too far from where I live, we have this beautiful little oasis of little fountains of water and you can come here at any time and enjoy the sound of water, the birds are around everywhere, it’s really relaxing little place where you can just come and enjoy yourself and get away from the summer heat that we have right now.

    So, you guys, I hope you really enjoyed this video.

    I’m sorry I’ve kind of been all over the place with my words because I haven’t scripted this video but thank you, thank you so much for watching! And please comment and I hope you find that my new lifestyle is interesting and I hope you like this video despite the lack of my concentration.

    But thank you so much for watching again!

    I love you all! And sending you all my blessings, blessed be.

    This was your, Jadu Witch.

  • Houston

    How you are doing? This is K hunt here chilling in Houston, Texas; having a great time guys. Look when Houston means to me? Houston is the best city I think, on the face of this earth that’s what I said it, Houston, Texas is the best place on the face of this earth. Guys, nowhere else can you get some of the best crawfish. I mean, if you can go to sails boat, have a good time on the sails boat and has a crawfish on a sailboat and just look at the unique and creative people here that had that in Houston, just chilling here in Houston. Houston reminds me of a big bowl of gumbo, right.

    you get a whole bunch of people from different Backgrounds, from different places of this world and they all come and stay in Houston, Taxes. That’s what a bowl of gumbo is. I mean, you put your skimp, you put your onion and everything inside, it make special and unique bowl of gumbo.

    Not only that, some of the best looking women live in Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas is the place to be. They have an amazing football team. they have an amazing baseball team. The astronaut, the doughnut thing. Houston Texans now we just got picked up on Hard Knocks, I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that. Right?

    Houston, Texas when it comes to oil and gas, that’s where it is. Houston, Texas means so much to me. Now look, originally, I am from Detroit, Michigan. I love Detroit, Michigan. A matter of fact, I’m wearing a Detroit that’s where I was born, that’s where I entered in Detroit. When I was 7 years old, my parents were like we got to get out of Detroit and we are going to go to live and build our life in the Houston, Texas. That’s why I am here.

    And, the last reason why I love Houston, Texas; I want to show you something very cool. Look at this. Wow. Look at that freaking view, I mean, look at the view. The view is beautiful.

    How you see why I love Houston? Now you see why you should come here and live here? OK. Come on. There is plenty of rooms, plenty of highway space. Come and live in Houston Texas, the place where God lives whatever he is, here on earth this is Courtney hunt checking out and I love you.

  • Katy

    Hey. What’s going on everybody? It is your boy, K hunt, here straight in Houston Texas. Guys, the question is why do I love Houston? Well, I grew up in Houston, in effect, I grew up in a small town like right outside of Houston. It’s called katy actually, but I mean they’re letting you know well-connected. Katy has, actually Houston has some of the most diverse and unique people that live there. So as for me, growing up, living out in Katy which is like right next door to Houston that it was a small very very small town, I mean it was like a one row type highway,

    it was a small country town then like back in 1990. Right today katy is a totally new place. katy has revolutionized. katy is crazy, I mean, you get real estate has gone up, You get you know, stores like, I mean, katy has like really really developed into this humongous place anyway it’s right next door to Houston.

    I love Houston, also they have some of the best, some of the best crawfish. I mean, you can go to Houston hang out on Saturdays at a nice venue, listen to some really really good cultural music and jazz music and have you about five pounds of the some of the most delicious crawfish is that you have ever had in your life. You can only do that in Houston. Plus Houston has some of the best Sports teams, I mean, from the Texans. See when I first fell in love with Houston, it was when the oil is were here but unfortunately the oldest left they went to Tennessee. It’s kind of a heart break right there but we got the Texans and they came back. They started plant so that was just like rebirth that was Awesome, I loved it.

    Another reason why I am still in Houston; Houston has the best oil and gas industry like here, I mean, the best gas industry the industry is booming out here is crazy; also the folks here are unique in and really, really cool. And something that I just learned about Houston, Houston is so talented with so many different unique artists, so many cool actors. I mean, Houston has an underground Music, music venue. Not tell me, this is crazy. Right? Like last year I recorded a couple of movies with some folks and Houston has a very, very huge movie industry. Lots of talented actors live right here. Lots of talented directors, writers; they live right here. I’ve done so many movies here because, you know, I’m also an actor. So I have done so many cool movies also here in Houston and got to network with some great resistance, some great talent of folks. I mean, it was amazing.

    Anyway if you come and you gotta come to Houston; you get it check it out, I promise. You’re not going to want to leave. So come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Come to Houston and hang out with your boy K hunt.


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