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  • Provo

    Provo City population of almost a hundred and sixteen thousand in 2012, also one of the homes of “Google Fiber” and if you haven’t had a chance to go down Provo Center street; I highly recommend that you go down and check out all the nice little shops that they’ve got, the little local stores. They’ve been doing a lot of renovating to the city lately and so there are things like:
    – Clubs
    – Places to get hair products like right here “Taylor Maid
    – Places to do your nails
    – Biking
    – Bars
    – Restaurants

    Provo really has a lot of awesome places, so here we’ve got the new skin building as well which is pretty famous for here in Provo, headquarters. We’ve got the future LDS Temple still being built, still in the building process which will be done here in the next couple of years.
    There’s our city buildings; county court house where a lot of the county records and things are held. There’s a lot of fun if you don’t have anything for a Friday night, just take you and your date or even yourself, go out and just walk around and support the local talent that we’ve got out there.
    Not too far from Center Street, we’ve got a lot of other things like music and muse music and there’s other restaurants all along University Avenue which I would definitely want you to check out and you can have a really good time at a low budget cost.
    It doesn’t cost a lot to do a lot of these things and it’s nice to kind of just get out and see what they’ve done. In the past while they’ve really been revamping Provo, cleaning it up, and redoing a lot of the buildings. A lot of the structures are newer at least the interfaces and here we’ve got the Marriott, for several years, great place to stay. It’s great when they have conventions, people can come and stay there.
    Provo has a lot of different things, here we’ve got the new Convention Center that was just built and if you’ve got a chance to go to an expo or any other type of program that they have going on it’s a really nice facility, it’s brand new. We’ve got things like “Jay’s Jungle” which is a pet store downtown, a drug store; we’ve got the Provo Justice Center, you’ve got your pawn shops, you’ve got the bars for those who want to go out and have a drink.
    So, I guess the moral of the story is; get out, learn a little bit about the community and what Utah County has to offer here in Provo. Support some of the local companies as well that are fighting everyday like we are to stay alive and if you have any questions, feel free to give my wife Sheralyn Bennett or myself Chris Bennett a call and we’d be more than happy to help, and thanks so much for watching.


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