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    The pros and cons of Spokane, Washington. Spokane Washington is the largest city in eastern Washington state. It differs in climate from Seattle, Washington and it has much dryer climate and more of four season climate – lot of snow in the wintertime usually. In recent years it’s been a little less severe. It has quite a few days of overcast weather although not as much as
    Seattle in that if you’re the type of person that enjoys a very sunny climate, then you may not enjoy living here at least all year around.

    In 1974 the World’s Fair was held in Spokane, Washington which looking back on it seems rather odd to me because Spokane, Washington never was really a large city, a cosmopolitan city that which you would think would have that womeone would put the world’s fair. But, nonetheless, there it was – the 1974 World’s Fair was held in Spokane Washington and the city is quite proud of that.

    With that happening there and I’m, I will admit I attended. I was old enough to attend that and at that time I lived in southeastern Washington in an area called the tri-city. That’s in Kennewick, Washington. So going from there to Spokane was going to the bigger city, a bigger town, and now as an adult traveling around the country and living in Phoenix, Seattle, Los Vegas and sunny Southern California, living there a couple times in my life might as well.

    Spokane seems rather small to me and little bit of a backwater which also has its good points and bad points. If you like being in a cutting edge of a big city and very cosmopolitan experience with different cultures, different races, different type’s people of different types of people and a lot edginess, Spokane may not be the kind of town to live in. if you like a town that has a sort of a smaller town feel that has some of the amenities of a large city. It has walmart. It has malls. It has an opera house, and conversion center. Most rock groups and celebrities make their way to Spokane. There is a venue for them too. So, it has everything, most of everything one could find in a larger city but yet has a small town feel. Spokane may be a town that you might enjoy living in.

    There’s a lot of natural beauty in Spokane. It’s a very beautiful city. It has lot of forest foliage, greenery, flowers in the spring and in summer mountains, hiking, snow skiing, resorts, camping and all kinds of outdoor activities.

    You also have to be careful that not too far away, out in the wilderness, you may encounter mountain lions, rattlesnakes, grizzly bears that type of thing. So, for those of you who love the great outdoors but also consider the dangers. Just to keep all that in mind. That’s why alot of people say take care, you know you will hear a lot of people say that. They love I’ll the outdoor activities that that are available to them. So if you are that type of person and you love snow skiing, water skiing, love boating, everything you can do outside… hiking, camping then you may very well be interested in living here. If you are more a city type of person, a big city person who like an indoor girl or indoor kind of guy, like I probably fit into that category. I enjoy looking at the scenery and the beautiful flowers. I enjoy hiking up to a limited extent. I don’t really enjoy camping. I enjoy seeing natural beauty. I don’t appreciate what the area has to offer as much as other people and I enjoy more indoor pursuits and hanging out, going to coffee shops and interacting with people.

    My choice would be living probably in a large city if I have the money and the opportunity. So it just depends on where your interests lie. So, Spokane has lots of offer if you enjoy the outdoors.

    When you hear the natives talk about their town you’ll hear this phrase over and over again, “Spokane is a family town.” Spokane is a great family town. And after living here for many years I have to say, I think that’s basically correct. It is a more about family town. As I mentioned previously there’s a lot of outdoor activity that you should do with your family and lots of things are geared towards family, it seems to me, and I think that’s a good thing. If you fit in with their notion of family fun or are a family oriented type person. Of course not everybody does, you know. There are different types of people aren’t into the conventional nuclear family here.

    I can say by and large, not just my idea, I know, the fact that Seattle is a very liberal city. I have lived in Seattle and its very liberal city. So Spokane is very conservative city and/or there are I think libertarian types here. People in The Northwest as a whole are more independently minded and they are considered fall under the category of people who do not go to church as much as the rest of the country which isn’t to say they’re not conservative many of them. Especially in Spokane or maybe that spiritually Christian that matter. They don’t go to churches much as people in other parts and I think they noticed that. When I moved in Phoenix, I was very active in church or even going to work or my day by day life, lots of people mention their church going a lot or lots of people going to church. So mom so that’s a little idiosyncratic thing about Spokane. I would say very conservative, you’ll hear about a lot of homeschooling and people do go to church but maybe not as much as in other parts of the country although I would say quite concerned with it.

    Another aspect of Spokane which I find kind of interesting and different is the fact that people act friendly here, very friendly. They put on their family face, there smiling family face and you’ll hear that a lot when people first come here they’ll say, “Wow, these people are just so friendly here,” and yes they are. That does not mean that they want to be your friend or accept you or even like you. They act friendly. So, it’s also been said that by the natives, quite a few natives that I talk to, that Spokane has always been a quirky city. And I think that’s true, that’s my experience and I think part of the reason why it’s because many people have lived here for years, generations, decades. their families go way back.

    The only other area I been that that is similar in that way it’s the south. A lot of people born and raised here, they take pride in it. They take pride that they’ve never look anyplace else. They love it and their roots go way back here. You’ll hear that a lot and just as an example I work with that girl who lives across the street from her parents, lives across the street from the house she grow up in, which is also the house that her grandmother used to live in. In the neighborhood she lives in, it’s kind of a little bit out in the country, but and in that neighborhood is her cousins, people took been friends, family, family friends, for decades, maybe even a hundred years or that long and this isn’t this type of thing it’s not uncommon here. So if you’re accepted by them and you enjoyed the cozy feeling of being in the exclusive group in this type of environment, you may enjoy it. If you’re the type of person that does not, if you’re not accepted, you may not enjoy it. Or, if you’re the type of person that is accepted and I might fall into that category of somewhat accepted anyway, but I do enjoy meeting new people. For me it’s energizing. I enjoy meeting new people, you know, I think “well maybe they might be another friend of some are interesting stories or like a breath of fresh air” to me. A lot of don’t have that same feeling towards newcomers or outsiders. They look at people with suspicion. They want to know what you’re all about, what they are all about. They don’t. They want to know what your personal life is all out, what you believe, what your politics is or what your religion or what have you.

    Now if you’re the kind of person that lived in a larger city, you enjoy anonymity and maybe you don’t care what the whether people like you’re not. In the workplace, maybe you don’t have close months with people. You enjoy just going to work, doing your job and in keeping your personal life separate. It’s hard to do that in Spokane, Washington. They want to know what you’re about and if you fit in. It’s very necessary to fit in here. So as they say, I am not really making a value judgment on it. That whole thing has its good points and bad points as well and it’s just something that I’ve noticed about this area that it’s different than other cities that I’ve lived in and it can be something that some people can enjoy while others do not.

    I think it’s in 2011 that Forbes magazine ranked Spokane Washington as the number one worst city in the whole United States to find a job. Its always been kind of like that here. Jobs are not really very plentiful and I think that people get their jobs and they hang out them. So, in that way, if you’re planning to move here and thinking, “Oh well, I’ll just find a job but I get there,” you may want to get your job first before you move here. It’s kind of always been like that. It’s not a dynamic City for career opportunities, for career advancement. Although, their real estate section is the exception here and there, and depending on what your profession is of course, and there are always the people who start their own businesses. If you’re so inclined. But, by and large, I say that I would be careful about perhaps finding my job before I relocated here. And that of course if you’re a senior citizen and you choose to Snowbird and just spend your summers here, then that’s a whole different scenario. So it’s good if you analyze all the things about the area you choose to move to and I presented some ideas here. For more I suggest doing your own research even on the internet and you make find out more information for yourself.


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